QUESTions With … Derek M. Trombetta

QUESTions With

Derek M. Trombetta is a Professional Firefighter, Physique Athlete, Fitness Coach, and Founder of 970Muscle. You can find him at and

In this weeks QUESTions With, Derek talks about setting goals, getting your mind right and turning your weaknesses into strengths.


What nutritional information have you learned that most people don’t know?

First and foremost – Nutrition can be FUN and ENJOYABLE! Everything starts internally and then moves externally, once you are dialed in Nutritionally… You can have it all; Health, Strength, Function, Looks, and Feel Great!


What training information have you learned that most people don’t know?

The things that most people spend the majority of their time on produce the smallest gains! The 80/20 rules applies in Life and in Training! Usually 20% of what you do gets you 80% of your results! The KEY is focusing on the 20% and UNLOCKING your full potential!


What are your three biggest nutrition pet peeves?

1. People who think that it has to not be enjoyable to be effective! If it isn’t enjoyable, why do it?

2. The word “Diet,” the word in itself sets you up for Short Term Thinking (and results), I prefer “Eating Plan,” and thinking about your overall lifelong lifestyle!

3. People who DO NOT practice what they preach or blindly make recommendations! It all starts with ourselves and we need to be dialed in before we can effectively help others.



What are the three things you see people doing in the gym that bother you most?

1. “Working Out!” Working Out = Going through the motions where as “training” is purpose driven and goal orientated! Only a very small percentage of the population sets goals and that is why only a very small amount of the population achieves their goals!


2. People who spend more time pushing their thoughts and advice on others than actually achieving their own goals and leading by example.

3.  Those who do not love what they are doing. We are all blessed to have choices each day, choose the things that you LOVE!


What is a quote that you live by?

“Stay Strong; It’s more than Physical.”


Who is your inspiration?

I get inspiration every single day from a variety of sources. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by amazing family, friends, loved ones, teammates, and coworkers. Everyone has something to offer and I get a lot of energy from others! Thank you!


Who or what got you started?

I have been involved in Fitness my entire life. From doing push-ups, sit-ups, and leg raises every morning and night when I was 5, playing every sport imaginable (including Division II Football), competing in many NPC Bodybuilding and Physique Competitions, to staying in top physical condition for my career as a professional Firefighter! Fitness has ALWAYS been the foundation of everything I have done.


What is one piece of advice you give to new lifters?

That it all ultimately starts with your mind and heart. If you are in it for the right reasons, you will ALWAYS be successful!


What is one piece of advice you give to seasoned lifters?

Almost the same advice; often times we can lose sight of why we are doing it in the first place. Goal Setting is HUGE.


What’s your goal for 2011?

To continue to be the best that I can be and focus on bettering myself and those around me.The one thing that we have that can never be taken away from us is our ability to choose our attitude in any given situation and I choose to have a POSITIVE one.



What body part do you struggle with the most, and what have you done to overcome the problem?

I would say early on it was my back. It held me back a lot because of injury… I set out to make my weakness my strength and now people are shocked when I tell them my back was once my weakness, as it is now one of my strengths!


What does your typical diet consist of?

Always start with healthy choices first! High protein, 6-8 Meals a day. I eat protein, carbs and fat in my Diet. I absolutely LOVE the way I eat and feel amazing because of it! One thing that is so awesome about Quest Bars is that they do not add things that are unhealthy for you and because of this they digest well, taste great, and have you feeling GREAT!