Sandwich Ideas for Lunch That Are Actually Low Carb

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A sandwich is easy to make for lunch, but if you’re on a low carb or keto diet, that bread can completely derail your daily intake of net carbs or kick you out of ketosis. Yet, you can still enjoy a nice sammie on a low carb diet by choosing bread substitutes that are low in carbs but still high in flavor.

And you can get in some solid protein and tons of great fats to boost fullness and help you get your macros! Here are a couple of great sandwich ideas for lunch that don’t require bread to keep the insides together.


Lettuce Wrap

Lettuce might not have much flavor on its own but you can easily increase the taste of the sandwich by choosing the right set of fillings for a lettuce wrap. High fat and creamy avocado or a yogurt dip or low carb mayonnaise can give the sandwich a rich texture and help tie together ingredients. Meat, cheese, veggies—pile them all inside with an easy wrap that is virtually carb-less. You also get the added benefit of this sandwich/lettuce/taco/wrap being way easier to eat than you think.

Keto Bread

You can buy low carb or keto-style bread, as there are many brands who do have bread, bagel thins, tortilla wraps and more, all of which are low in carbs. You can go with a cauliflower style wrap or a thick slice of bread that is higher in fat but low in carbs and sugar and mimics actual bread (I love Base Culture, personally!). Then just fill it with whatever you like for your low carb sandwich and you’re set! Or you can make your own. Look online at bloggers’ recipes that create bread made from other ingredients like cheese or eggs and almond flour to keep carbs low. Who knows, you might be able to acquire a new skill!

Cucumber Bites

Think of one sandwich as being broken down into tiny bite-sized mini sandwiches. And use cucumbers, sliced, as the vehicle for these fun little sandwich bites that can pop in your mouth and keep your carb count in check. You can top them with cream cheese, avocado, and other high fat ingredients, or even sliced salmon or turkey, as well as cheese.

Then top the one slice with another slice to make a real sandwich. You might want to pair these with another more satisfying, higher-calorie item too to make sure you’re eating enough. Think—grilled chicken or a soup. Or, just keep it simple and chomp on a handful of nuts for a quick fill-up.

Turkey Roll-Ups

Swap out bread for meat with a turkey roll-up that works well for a lunchtime sandwich. Wrap a deli slice of turkey around some fillings like cheese and veggies and then dig in. It’s basically a swap for a tortilla wrap, which is super high in carbs. Put a high fat dip on the side to dunk, like a peanut sauce or a thick low carb mayonnaise or avocado dip. Just remember to keep a napkin handy since this method might get a bit messy. But who doesn’t like playing with their food?