Social Media and Fitness: Good or Evil?


I don’t think anyone can argue against the fact that social media is here to stay – it offers more ways than ever before to interact and connect with people around the world, it presents us with endless opportunities, it’s cost effective and it allows us to not only connect with an audience, but build relationships as well.

But is social media only beneficial for business purposes… or can it stand to provide us with a source of motivation and accountability to assist in reaching our health goals?

Just check your news feeds, streams and subscriptions.

Social media is an endless stream of information and gives us the ability to share and participate in conversations just by joining and following niche groups from like-minded people. Just log onto your Instagram account and you will be greeted with hundreds of “selfies” from people showing off their progress and hard work, with the ever so popular hashtags; #instafitness #thinspiration #cleaneating #gymlife #workout…you get the point! #right

Similarly, scroll through your news feed on Facebook and Twitter and chances are you won’t get past one page without seeing a friend or someone you follow posting about how they are getting ready to hit the gym, “ready to kill it” or how great their workout was.


In my opinion, sharing your fitness and nutrition goals as well as your achievements via social media can be a great way to remain dedicated to your own goals while inspiring others to do the same. My initial calling was YouTube and it has since boomed into a massive fitness community for people to not only inspire and motivate, but to educate as well.  The ability to create a video journal for yourself and others to follow is amazing!

Having a “virtual diary” is great regardless of your goals and ambitions. I have been able to see where I was and “who” I was in the past, and watch how I have grown and changed over time. Along with the personal benefits, you get the ability to share your life and reach out to people across the world.  #awesome

Social networks and apps dedicated to “Fitness Freaks”

Not everyone has a dedicated gym partner to push you through your lifting routines and make sure you are following your diet; but what if you didn’t need another person there with you every step of the way? Everyone has a busy schedule and often times it’s difficult to commit to specific gym times.

For example – take a look at Fitocracy: an online game and social network that aims to help users improve their level of fitness! Users have the ability to post photos and statuses, join groups, challenge others and log workouts; did I mention there are over 1 million active accounts? You are granted points for each workout you track and awarded with badges as you reach certain milestones – not to mention, a little friendly competition can go a long way!



Let’s not forget about MyFitnessPal. Create a free account, personalize a diet profile, easily track your food intake by logging your meals and share your diary with others, and you can do it all on the go with the free mobile app.

There are hundreds of other social media websites and apps that mix in competition, set calorie burning goals, connect you with forums, and allow for you to progress at your own pace, all while sharing it with others. #winning

Can you handle the criticism of social media?

Remember – everything you publish is now available for the world to see. If you want to put yourself out there, it’s important to not only make sure you can handle criticism, but also don’t forget this is a personal journey before everything else. Images and videos are constantly traveling through social media waves showcasing everything from “bros” bragging about how much they bench press, to washboard abs being flexed in your face.  You must keep reminding yourself that it’s you vs. you, not you vs. the guy at the gym, his brother, Mr Olympia or anyone else.

Everyone is given a voice; right or wrong.

Social media allows us to take immediate action to improve our health and fitness goals, but also gives a voice to everyone. Anyone who has a computer or smartphone and has “read something” or lost a few pounds could suddenly assume that they’re a certified trainer, expert or fitness guru. It’s important to be able to decipher misinformation from facts – I always encourage people to question what they hear and read before taking it for truth.

So is social media good or evil in regards to fitness?

To sum it all up, the benefits of social media and fitness far outweigh the negatives. Every which way you turn there will always be people ready to discredit your hard work, but for every “hater” there are thousands of supporters and people you are inspiring everyday. Fusaro Fitness would not exist today if social media wasn’t around. I have received thousands of emails from people whose lives I have changed for the better and there is nothing more rewarding than that. I encourage people to find a positive community to join, make new friends and live a healthier life!

I keep it real.

I am not here to BS anyone, and I make sure to manage a positive community and encourage individuals to share their progress. If you’d like to follow me and become part of Fusaro Fitness please do!

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