Social Networks Increase Obesity


“Harvard scientists say that their modeling shows that the proliferation of obesity among American adults in recent decades owes in large part to its accelerating spread via social networks.

Hill, Rand, and colleagues found that a non-obese American adult has a 2 percent chance of becoming obese in any given year — a figure that has risen in recent decades — and that this number rises by 0.4 percentage points with each obese social contact, meaning that five obese contacts doubles the risk of becoming obese.”  – ScienceDaily

I’ve always been fascinated by the effects of ones social circle on their individual life. This Harvard study shows how your health and nutrition habits are heavily influenced by friends and family. Surrounding yourself with healthy and positive people is more important than ever as obesity rates continue to rise. Conversely, if your social circle is comprised of unhealthy people, you need to realize how deeply this impacts you. In fact, the more negative forces in your social circle, the harder you’ll have to work to counteract these effects.

Remember that this applies beyond just your health. The habits of your friends become your habits. It’s never easy to end a friendship, but if someone in your life is toxic, there’s no better time than now to reflect and change things as needed for what is best for YOU.

Read the full article at ScienceDaily .