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Choosing the Healthier Road

As a kid, I was into every sport I could get into. I was always active and my weight was never an issue.  But in high school, I thought it would be more important to get a job and a car rather than pursue my dreams of playing professional. One […]

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Moving Through The Pain

Transition. It can be a scary word to some. I, however, have learned to embrace transition and change since time and time again, life reminds me that being able to ‘go with the flow’ usually results in a more positive and transforming experience. We are also often given opportunities disguised as challenges […]

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By: Fitness competitor, Jennifer Norden (Facebook) Don’t waist your time, energy and money on crazy diets that deprive your body of what it needs to reach your goals. Yes you may lose weight initially but it doesn’t last!!! Examples of these diets are low carb, low fat, high protein, banana […]

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Fighting Fatigue the Natural Way

All too often when someone’s energy levels are low, they reach for a caffeinated drink or worse they eat a bunch of carbs and sugar for a short burst of energy. The energy obtained from these methods doesn’t last, and can have some negative consequences- Energy Crash, irritability, weight gain, […]

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