Questions with Gail Stern: Overcoming Old Age & Self Doubt


You must be the change you wish to be in the world, and for Gail Stern, 62, that change came from transforming her body. Gail, mother of Erin Stern (Ms. Figure Olympia 2012), was left old, lacked energy and was filled with self doubt. Over the past two years, Erin helped her mom transform and uncover her inner-strength. Through exercise and proper diet, Gail lost over 50 lbs and has never felt better.

We interview Gail, who shares insights into her relationship with her prominent daughter and her weight loss journey:

Congratulations on the big changes you made in your life.

Thank you! Love your products.

Would you just start by telling us a little bit about that – What was it that finally made you decide enough was enough and you were going to lose weight?

Gail (left) and Erin (right) Stern.

Wearing long sleeve blouses in summer to hide my arms. No energy and loss of balance.

How did you lose the weight?

Exercise and calorie watching.

What was your diet like? How did you train?

Less fatty foods, more fruits and veges, no sodas.  Training three days a week with strength and cardio.

What is different now in your life?

Feeling better about myself.  My clothes fit differently and I have more energy.

What are you excited about?

That being older doesn’t mean that you can’t be strong.

Is there anything you are going to do now that you never would have done before you lost the right?

Lifting more weight than some of the guys at the gym:)  Being able to keep up with Erin shopping.

Before losing all the weight, how did you feel about yourself?

Awful, fat, ugly and old

What were some of the struggles and challenges that you had to endure in your journey to losing weight?

My own self doubt.  Realizing that taking steps in the right direction no matter how small they seemed made a difference.  My love of sweets, still a battle, late afternoon need to recharge with snacks but good results are the encouragement to move forward.  If you need to move that rock, you can. Knowing you can, priceless.

What was it like witnessing daughter’s accomplishments?

She is totally amazing and we are so proud of her.  She truly inspires us.

What was your daughters role in your weight loss journey?

Support and encouragement and guidance.

What advice would you give to women who are struggling?

To believe in yourself and that you can accomplish through determination and work.  Don’t give up or in.

What’s next for you?

I love the gym, free weights so I will continue to work out.  Its truly rewarding to me that I can bench over l00 pounds at 62 years old

What’s next?

Staying fit and active and looking forward to a healthier future.