The Best Ways to Increase Protein at Breakfast

Western Frittata with Home Fries, Ham, Peppers and Cheddar Cheese
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Protein is a major macronutrient that is great for boosting satiety, keeping you fuller longer, and building strong muscles. Plus, if you eat it after a morning workout with breakfast, you’ll get that immediate muscle recovery, too, so you can avoid joint and muscle fatigue and pain.

Yet, it can be hard to make sure you’re getting enough protein throughout the day, especially at breakfast. Breakfast foods often contain more carbs than protein, like cereal and granola, pastries, pancakes, and more.

However, you can totally find protein-rich foods to eat for breakfast and pair wisely to make sure you’re getting enough in that morning meal. It will keep hunger at bay until lunch and you’ll give your brain and body that boost it needs to perform well and be most productive. Here are the best ways to increase protein during breakfast.

Eat a Protein Bar

If you’re the on the go or rushing out the door, you’re not going to be able to sit down to an omelet with veggies and turkey sausage. Instead, you need something quick and easy you can stash in your bag or eat as you’re heading off to work. A protein bar is a good option, instead of a donut or sugary item.

It has the protein you need (many have 20 or so grams), and it also if it’s low in carbs and sugar, it won’t spike your blood sugar. So, grab a few flavors you love and keep them with you in your office bag, car or office drawer so you always have something in your belly to start the day. We happen to know some folks who make just the right bar for you.

Enjoy a Yogurt With Nuts

Greek yogurt is packed with protein and if you choose one with low or zero sugar, such as a plain and unsweetened version, you can enjoy the benefits without the blood sugar swings. Add in some nuts like almonds or pistachios for more protein and good fats to keep you fuller longer.

And you can also chop up a protein bar and add it to the yogurt if you want something sweet that is still good for you—a delicious chocolate brownie protein bar broken up would hit the spot and be healthier than Oreo crumbles!

Add Protein Bars to Oatmeal

You can even break that protein bar up and put it in oatmeal too. Since oatmeal is super high in good fiber and complex carbs, you need protein to keep you fuller longer and to aid in muscle repair. So, chop up a tasty bar and put it in for protein, along with some nuts or seeds, like walnuts or chia seeds, as well. And add in berries—that gives some antioxidants, fiber, and sweet flavor!

Eat Eggs

If you have time to sit down to a meal, make an omelet or frittata with veggies and a protein, like cheese or lean meat, such as turkey sausage or chicken. You can also add in smoked salmon. Yum! Eggs are super dense in protein, but that added bit makes it even better. If you cannot sit down, make hard-broiled eggs in a big batch for the week and then eat two or three before heading out the door. The yolk also has choline, to improve cognitive thinking. Pair with a slice of lean turkey breast or a cheese slice and you’re set.

Avocado on Toast

Avocado is rich in protein and good fats to keep you full. So, slice it up and top whole grain or low car bread with it, along with perhaps some smoked salmon and fresh herbs or canned tuna salad. You can even top with scrambled eggs. Another option is to enjoy a baked avocado with egg on top. Or you can eat an avocado spread on veggies and crackers, too.