The Children Aren’t Feeding Themselves


Surely it is quite easy to blame society for the junk food our children are eating today; school vending machines, fast foods restaurants at every corner and even the unhealthy school cafeteria food. Let’s re-think this though, what about their parents, what role do they play in this blame? These children clearly are not feeding themselves. For example, who provides them with the money to put into those vending machines? Who is driving them through fast food restaurants? Or perhaps why aren’t the parent’s packing their children s lunch every?

I used to be overweight during my childhood years. I did not know any better, I simply ate where my parents gave me and whatever was at home. I did not have a job nor did I have money to buy my own food. Of course I loved all the junk food I ate, from the sugary cereals at breakfast to fast food at dinner time. But fast forward to my teenage years and the weight I put on was not something I could any longer ignore. I was slow in physical education class and I got the flu quite often through out the school year. I am certain that it came from an unhealthy body.

According to the U.S Food and Drug Administration, sixty four percent of Americans are overweight or obese. Fifteen percent of them are children and more are becoming type 2 diabetic with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease risk factors. It is important that parents know the food choices they make for their children today not only affect them in the given moment but in the years to come. Lifestyle changes take time but with a little planning and preparation anything is possible.

If parents teach their children while they are young what it means to be healthy and eat healthy, it will become a habit and something than can be easily carried on as they grow older. Children need guidance to make it their habit. Teaching children how to live a healthy lifestyle does not have to be boring. With modern cooking there are tons of healthy dishes and baked goods that parents can make. It is never too late to make a difference, putting them at health risks now will only cost more in the long run through medical expenses than it would to take the time and prepare a healthy meal today. Let’s make a difference together.