The Mark Domme Workout


Mark J. Domme is a 45 year old husband and father of 3. Mark is a certified personal trainer, indoor cycling instructor, and 200RYT yoga instuctor. He has been competing as a bodybuilder for 5 years in the Open Middleweight and Masters 40-49 classes.

A workout program is a very individual plan designed for the specific goals deesired. I want to share the plan that has given me the best results. It is my hope that anyone can take something from this and apply it in whole or take bits and pieces from it to incorporate into their plan.



*12-15 minute cardio warm up precedes all training

*20-40 minutes of cardio 4-6 times per week–increased to 6-10 sessions pre-contest

*Vinyasa Yoga Classes 1-3 times per week

* Abdominal training 2-3 days per week


DAY 1:

Monday AM: Quads  

Warm Up:  3 x 20-25 Leg Extension/Lying Ham Curl Superset

Squats      6 x 20-8

Leg Press or Hack Squat   4 x 8-12

Goblet Squat  3 x 12-15

Leg Extension  4 x 12-15

Walking Lunges  3 x 20-25 steps with 45lb. DBs

PM: Hams & Calves

Lying Hamstring Curl 4 x 20-12

Stiff Legged Deadlift  4 x 8-12 ( Alternate DB and BB Week to Week)

Seated or Standing Hamstring Curl  3 x 12-15

Donkey Machine Raises  4 x 12-15

Standing Calf Raise  4 x 12-15



Tuesday    AM: Biceps and Triceps 

Warm Up:  3 x 20-15 Cable Curl/Rope Pressdown Superset

Standing BB Curl/Close Grip Bench Press  4 x 8-12 Superset

Lying Tricep Extension  4x 8-12 (Alternating Flat, Incline and Decline Positions)

Seated Decline DB Curl 4 x 10-15

Overhead DB or Cable Extension  4 x 10-15

High Pulley Cable Curls  3 x 12-15

Weighted Dips  3 x 8-12


Wednesday  OFF or Cardio




Thursday   AM: Chest

Warm Up: Light Rotator Cuff Movements

Incline DB Press  4 x 8-12

Low Angle Bench Smith Machine Press  4 x 8-12

Hammer Strength Wide Press  4 x 8-12

DB or Cable incline Flyes  3 x 12-15

Standing High Pulley Cable Flyes  3 x 12-15


PM: Back (Width Emphasis)

Pull Ups  5 x 8-20 ( Varied Grip Widths & Weight Added)

V Handle Close Grip Pulldowns  4 x 8-12

Straight Arm Pulldowns  4 x 8-12

DB or Machine Pullovers  3 x 12-15


 DAY 4

Friday AM: Delts & Calves 

Warm UP: Light Rotator Cuff Movements and Varied DB Raises

Seated BB Overhead Press  4 x 8-12

Arnold Press  3 x 8-12

Leaning DB Lateral Raise  3 x 12-15

Bent Over DB Raise  3 x 12-15

45lb. Front Plate Raise  3 x 12-15

Seated Calf Raise/Leg Press Calf Raise  3 x 12-15 Superset



Saturday   AM:  Back ( Thickness Emphasis)

Deadlift  5 x 8-12

Bent Over BB Row  3 x 8-12

Dead Stop DB Row  3 x 8-12  (DB pulled from a dead stop from the floor each rep)

Seated Narrow Grip Cable Row  3 x 8-12


Sunday  OFF or Cardio


Various movements, weights, and /or rep ranges are regularly rotated to keep training fresh and progress moving forward. I have found that even small adjustments (grip width, handle/bar choice, foot placement, bench angle) can have a major impact on the most basic of movements and hit the target muscles in a whole new way.

As I stated in the opening, a workout program should be tailored to the individual. This program is the result of experimentation, weaknesses, goals, and the ability to fit it into a very busy lifestyle. Also, take into account your ability to recover and schedule rest days as needed.  A family with three very active children, a 50+hour a week job, and a personal training business require that I be in the gym at 4:00AM. This ensures that I am able to get my training in, work, train clients, and still have time for family and fun. When designing a program for yourself take into account not only the aspects of training once in the gym, but also consider the factors in your life affecting your ability to get to the gym. The best designed, most effective program in the world is only as good as your ability to apply it on a consistent basis.