What Exactly Is Chiropractic?


I know it seems like a very basic question, but you’d be surprised as many people truly don’t know what exactly Chiropractic is and how it can benefit them. In scientific terms, Chiropractic is a health care profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment & prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system & the effects of these disorders on general health. It is generally categorized as complementary & alternative medicine (CAM). Although chiropractors share many traits with primary care providers, Chiropractic has more of the characteristics of a medical specialty like dentistry or podiatry.

The Internet has got some great information when it comes to traditional healthcare & medicine but it seems a little light when it comes to Chiro. The truth is, throughout its history, Chiropractic has been a little controversial. For most of its existence it has battled with mainstream medicine. In more recent times, there are significant disagreements over the benefits of vaccination among chiropractors, which has led to negative impacts on both public vaccination & mainstream medicine acceptance of chiropractic. At one point, the AMA even called chiropractic an unscientific cult! The issue here is that not many people really, truly understand what a Chiropractor does. To sum it up simply; Chiropractic removes Pressure, Tension & Inflammation from the body.

When hockey superstar Sidney Crosby was diagnosed with severe concussions from heavy hits he endured during the game, he took the initiative to seek out the best possible medical options. He found Dr. Frederick Carrick, DC, PhD & president of the American Chiropractic Association’s Council on Neurology in his team’s hometown state & started working with him to relieve his problem. Since Crosby knew that Chiro can resolve the body’s Pressure, Tension & Inflammation, he figured that this might be the answer to relieving his head trauma as well. Even though it took some time and multiple treatments, Crosby found the answer to his problem. Crosby’s symptoms, which had sidelined him for more than 10 months last year, have now been completely cured without having to look to more invasive options like surgery.

A close colleague of mine recently tweeted this video of Dr. Wayne Dyer httpv://www.youtube.com/embed/nShPQc7RL8Y

I was so moved by Dr. Dyer’s words and insight that I have to admit it brought tears to my eyes, as I firmly feel our world is heading in a different direction when it comes to health. We will always need traditional medicine and surgery for major ailments and trauma when one is faced with a life-threatening situation. However, when it comes to aches & pains, bumps & bruises or even long-term or short-term disorders, one needs to look no further than Chiropractic.

As the future of healthcare continues to unfold, it is my opinion that complementary & alternative medicine (CAM) will become the go-to approach for everyday aches and pains. In the past there may have been controversy in the media as to why Chiropractic should be avoided, but at the same time there have been countless elite athletes & everyday folks that have seen the miracles that Chiropractic can do. We have lived in a world where traditional mainstream medicine with its reliance on drugs & surgeries as a means to heal for too long. I hope that the next time you are feeling an ache or a pain and something is just “off” in your body, that you’ll give Chiropractic a try. Conversely, to keep you body in tip-top shape and serve as complement your workout routine, Chiro is a vital asset and will help you to gain that competitive edge!

For over a decade, Dr. Ray has dedicated both his personal and professional life to promoting and teaching fitness as a lifestyle. Drawing on his extensive education and experience in sports, fitness, Chiropractic, and nutrition, Dr. Ray has developed a unique approach to personal training & Chiropractic care—one that holistically integrates challenging physical exercise and body “rebalancing” via adjustments. For more information or if you have a specific question about Chiropractic or how it may be able to help you, contact Dr. Ray directly via his website http://www.drraydibartolomeo.com/