Why Is Everyone in Such a Damn Hurry?

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Stop. Breathe. Check in. Repeat.

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-11-08-01-amThis was the reminder I needed today. I saw this message across the wall and it almost made me cry. It was that moment that I realized that I have been going nonstop for the last few weeks. About five days ago I moved to a new city. I packed up two bags, leased out my condo, got rid of my car and left my very comfortable life that I created for myself in Los Angeles.

You see, when you get so focused on what’s about to happen you can’t really appreciate what is happening. I have been rushing around these last two weeks preparing myself for the move, moving and then trying to set up life in a new city. Because of this I haven’t been able to take notice of all the really great things that are happening all around me.

With the holidays just around the corner we especially need this reminder to STOP…BREATHE…CHECK IN.

I know things get so busy this time of the year with holiday shopping, travel, hosting and family but let’s not forget that being present as we do all these things is also important. This lesson can also be applied to our eating habits especially during this time of year. With holiday parties all around us and the temptation of sweets and treats it can be easy to get caught up in all the festivities and just grab whatever is in front of us. Being aware of what you put into your body is also another form of being present, when we are being consciously aware of what we are putting into our bodies it becomes easier to make healthier choices. If the cookie tray is in a staring contest with you, it’s okay to blink. Especially if you know you just grabbed a cookie or two from it earlier in the day. I always ask myself, is this really something I truly need or do I just want it?

It was being present that allowed to make a leap and completely change things up for the next six months. I will be living in Miami for four months to experience the life of a new city and then from there I will be traveling for the next two months before heading back to LA. Somewhere in that morass I lost sight of the now. Then the wall exclaiming “BREATHE” reminded me the things I have been worried about have passed and if I don’t slow down, I’ll miss my entire adventure.


I am currently in Miami at the same time as Art Basel week. This is one of their busiest weeks of the year where people from all over the world come out to see art from just as many places. I find myself here, stressing a bit about trying to get everything just right. Sometimes the trying to get everything just right takes you out of focus of all the things that are already “just right”, right NOW. This city is currently filled with so much life and energy all around me, there is definitely a buzz in the air and the diversity is so beautiful to be around. I feel thankful that I received the reminder to “breathe”, how sad it would have been for me to miss out on all this beauty right in front of me.

By quieting my mind and focusing on the now I was able to hear the ocean, feel the gentle breeze, the heat of the sun on my face and the smell of fresh ocean air all around me. I was submerged in paradise and didn’t even realize it until that moment. I was so caught up in my plans of the future that I wasn’t taking the time for myself to see all the amazing things that were already all around me.

I am excited and a bit scared of the adventure ahead of me. I know that there will be many lessons that will come up along the way and I am glad that you are here with me, in a way, to share my experience and hopefully learn some of these lessons with me.

Again, take the time to stop and breathe. Enjoy this moment and enjoy the holidays. Namaste!