Why Starting Your Day With a Protein Bar is a Great Idea

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Sometimes you don’t have time to make eggs and bacon from scratch or sit down to eat a full meal—but that’s actually not really a bad thing. In fact, eating something simple and pre-made, like a protein bar, can actually be a great breakfast that will give you all the nutrients you need to start your day and can be eaten on the go. Here are a couple of reasons why a protein bar is an easy but smart way to fuel up for your morning meal.

It’s Mess Free

When you grab a protein bar for breakfast, there’s zero meal prep or clean up. No dishes or utensils required, you can easily open up the bar and toss the wrapper in the garbage when done. There’s nothing worse than eating a meal and seeing a pile of dirty dishes in the sink—and trust us, those dishes can pile up higher and higher, where it can become a couple of hours worth of clean up. If you’re someone who is working from home, that means you’re tacking on even more work throughout the day, which can be draining.

This saves you the hassle and satisfies your belly, so you can begin your workday at home without the distraction. And if you do have time for a bigger meal or want something extra, just spread nut butter on it or chop up the pieces as a topper for oatmeal or Greek yogurt. It adds a boost of protein and some texture.

They’re a Better-For-You Replacement For Your Morning Pastry

You know you shouldn’t eat a sugary donut or pastry for breakfast, but sometimes you want to indulge. For those times, try microwaving protein bars, which makes them soft and gooey, especially ones with chocolate so it feels like dessert for breakfast without sacrificing solid nutrition or packing in the added sugars.



It is High in Protein

There are so many benefits of starting your day with 20g+ of protein, and for days when you cannot have a 3-egg omelet or sit down to breakfast sausage or yogurt, a protein bar can be just what you need to settle that protein requirement in just a few bites. And it’s a great solution for when you’re on the go or feeling especially tired and weak, where you’re in need of that protein boost.

They’re Low in Sugar

Although they taste like brownies and muffins, protein bars are not high in sugar—in fact they are low in sugar and carbs, so they won’t lead to that dreaded crash mid-morning that can set you back the whole rest of the afternoon. This is especially important for those with diabetes or blood sugar problems, where swings can be harmful to their health. Settle the sugar cravings with sweet tasting bars, rather than the real sweet stuff.