You Can Acquire New Skills In Any Area, At Any Time

Mind Transformation

When I first took over the revamped Quest Nutrition Blog, I had no damn clue what I was doing. But because my boss had faith in my abilities and a passion for transforming our archaic, slightly embarrassing blog into the “The Bloq” you know today, I’m living proof that through hard work and dedication you can up your skill set.

Since March of 2016, We’ve grown in scope and content. Now The Bloq has a staff of freelancers who regularly contribute articles like the ones you see at the top of our homepage. And last month was one of our most successful months yet.

I remember when I would onboard new writers I had to give them the rundown of what we’re about: how we provide our readers with relevant, important articles that will help them reach their goals and add value to their lives. Now, those same writers submit their work to me and I have almost no notes. Another testament of the power of the human brain.

Sometimes huge changes in our lives make us lose sight of our goals, but however far that “mission accomplished” banner may be off in the horizon, it’s never unreachable. This month we’re celebrating that spirit with tips on how to travel with little to no money, why setting small goals can lead to huge results, why it’s important to stay in shape for your kids, how cold showers can actually make you tougher along with workouts to get your body ready for that Thor Halloween costume. One article in particular, the story about Mike Wang completely encapsulates this month’s theme — I highly recommend you check it out.

On a personal note, it’s my goal to expand the gaming presence of Quest Gaming, so you’ll start to see more articles centered around video games, and that’s okay if they’re not for you. They’re for someone out there, and who knows, they just might inspire you to take up a hobby you never thought you would. After all, you can acquire new skills in any area at any time.