You Can Succeed TODAY!


EDITORS NOTE: This is a guest post by Hank Garner from MyLowCarb Journey. Hank has lost an incredible 100lbs and blogs about his journey.

Who wants to lose weight? Add muscle? Be leaner and healthier? I’m guessing just about everyone. We all want to be in shape, but the fact is most are not happy with where they are. Is that because you have high standards? Or because you haven’t really committed? As obesity rates climb and people become more frustrated with their lack of progress, it becomes evermore clear that something must change. But what? And how?

To many people, being truly healthy is a lofty, unattainable goal. They see the images of fit people on magazine covers and assume that is reserved for the genetically gifted, the overly dedicated or those with celebrity personal trainers. But not the everyday person. That defeatist attitude is what prevents so many from obtaining what they see as unobtainable!

The truth is that fitness is 80% mental. Actual time spent in the gym is only a few hours per week. The hardest part about getting fit is getting your mind ready to guide you through the process.  For me, as I weighed in at nearly 300 pounds, it seemed like an insurmountable goal. The more I weighed, the more hopeless I became.  Ordering a chicken breast while out to eat with friends when you’re already lean and dedicated makes sense to those around you. But before, it may seem strange. This kind of thinking only perpetuates the problem.

I had to decide that I would change the way I ate TODAY. I would get up and move TODAY.  I wouldn’t worry about how I was going to stick with it next week or even tomorrow.  I had to make a change today.  When the next day got here, I would choose to make better choices that day. Before long, I realized that I had formed new habits. What used to be a struggle was suddenly second nature. And the pounds melted off.

We can talk about the chemical processes that go on in the body and how I believe that a low carb primal approach is the best way to lose weight and keep it off.  The truth is, whatever works for you is what you should be doing.  Find good healthy real foods, stay away from over processed fake foods, and get up and move more.  The mechanics will come naturally once you make up your mind that you are going to change.  Realize that you can’t change yesterday and allow yourself the forgiveness to make a mistake. When you do, pick right back up where you left off.  If you fail, get right back up and keep heading in the right direction.

Learn from your failures. Learn from other people. Grow, expand, and understand. Don’t overcomplicate things. What used to seem strange and impossible will one day click. The point is to just start! Everyday, commit yourself to making one better choice. Those will begin to compound.

As I talk to people that have made monumental changes in their lives, I always get the same response.  They made up their minds that they were going to be better.  They made up their minds that they would be healthier.

Check out this great clip from Tony Robbins


The human spirit is an amazing thing.  Once the mind is made up, the body will figure out a way to make it happen.