Introducing Quest Protein Spray Tan!

Introducing Quest Protein Spray Tan!



Protein Spray Tan is Quest’s latest innovation to help active, health-conscious consumers work toward their goals. It’s a first-of-its kind nutrition product that doesn’t require digestion for metabolism.

The logic behind this product is simple, it’s something physique competitors and bodybuilders have been demanding for decades — a way to get those extra grams of protein without having to eat another ounce of cod or pound of chicken.

Spray it on your skin for an all-day pump, with readily-available amino acids to rebuild your musculature. For faster absorption, spray it directly on your tongue or use it as a protein shot.

Quest Protein Spray Tan comes in three delicious flavors that correspond to the level of pigment in the product: Salted Caramel (for a light tan), Creamy Mocha (for rich mid-tones), and Dark Chocolate (for maximum pigmentation and muscle definition).


Each flavor comes in three different SPFs (Spray-Protein Factors): 20, 50, and 75. (The SPF corresponds to the number of protein grams per serving).

Oh, and by the way, April Fools!

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