10 Tips to Exercise Success


Have you ever started an exercise program and it just didn’t work out? Many of us have been there. Many start with unparalleled motivation and intentions but lose the fire and not reach their goals. Success can be found, and here are 10 simple tips that will help you get there.

1. When the going gets tough, the tough keeps on going

When you feel like stopping because it burns, keep going! Doing this allows you to reach a new level and not stay at a plateau.

2. Keep abs in tight

You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time doing an abs workout when you keep your core engaged throughout your workout. Keeping your abs in tight will also protect your back.

3. Breathe it out

When things get tough, concentrate on your breathing, it helps you get through the exercise plus you won’t pass out 🙂

4. Think about the muscle you are working and …. work it!

If you think about the muscles you are working, your form will be better and you will gain improvements in that area. Sometimes when we use too much weight or overdo an exercise, we will compensate and use other areas. If you are not sure what muscle the exercise is supposed to work, ask a certified personal trainer.

5. Stay hydrated

One of the most important and easiest things you should do is to stay hydrated!  Dehydration can cause several problems, but most of all, it can make you weak and unable to perform at your best. Hydrate properly before, during, and after your workouts! Try to consume three liters of water per day.

6. Add weight or increase resistance

If you have been doing the same weight or resistance for over 2 weeks, it is definitely time to increase the load. The worst thing that can happen is you have to decrease it after a few reps. So go ahead and try it!

7. Change it up

If you do the same workout and the same weight/ resistance every week, you will reach a plateau. If you cannot do your own workout plan, try taking a variety of group fitness class or hire a certified personal trainer.

8. Have a plan of action and record your success

Write everything down you want to accomplish before you hit the gym. If it is written down, you will do it. Don’t forget to record your results so you can go back and see what you did and how it worked for you.

9. Don’t stop to chat

Make your social time either before or after your workout. Your workout is a time to “get it done” and keep your heart rate elevated. You may get in to a conversation and before you know it, you just rested 5 minutes.

10. Stay positive and keep telling yourself  “YES I CAN!”

Learn to be your own coach. It may sound silly but if you mentally encourage yourself you will go further! Remember your mind is the powerhouse to your success.

Post by: Fitness competitor, Jennifer Norden (Facebook)

Jennifer Andrews
Jennifer Norden