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Quest Nutrition

7 Reasons to Drink More Water

Do you think you drink enough water? How much water is enough water? How often should I drink throughout the day? These are often questions one does not ask themselves throughout the day, however they are crucial questions to consider when trying to optimize your health. By the time you […]

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Run for Relief 5K Challenge

10 Ways to Beat Boredom While Running

Ever heard someone say that they don’t want to run because it’s boring? I have, and every time I hear someone utter those words, I cringe a little. As a runner, I know that running can become a bit boring at times, but it shouldn’t be a reason to stay […]

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10 Tips to Exercise Success

Have you ever started an exercise program and it just didn’t work out? Many of us have been there. Many start with unparalleled motivation and intentions but lose the fire and not reach their goals. Success can be found, and here are 10 simple tips that will help you get […]

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