Signs You Are Dehydrated and How to Fix It

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Your body is mostly made up of water, which you lose throughout the day, so it makes sense that you need to stay hydrated to replenish lost stores. Yet, it’s hard to know if you are dehydrated and should reach for another glass of water. In general, it’s a good rule to drink a glass every hour or so and to have a reusable bottle on hand to fill it up throughout the day—this can ensure you’re drinking enough fluids to keep your body strong and hydrated.

Yet, it can be difficult to remind yourself all the time. If you’re not sure if you’re dehydrated, here’s what to look for, as well as how to fix it.

You Constantly Feel Hungry

You body’s response to being thirsty is the same as the response when you’re feeling hungry. So if you’re constantly running to the cookie jar for snacks throughout the day, you should drink a glass of water first and see if that feeling goes away. And if you happen to have a desk job where you’re stuck in a chair for most of the day, where you are also not moving about as much, then those little snacks in the day can lead to weight gain over time.


Your Pee is Yellow

Hydrated urine should be clear or a very pale yellow—if it’s bright yellow or even orange, you are dehydrated and should drink some water ASAP. Take this one as an easy hint to watch out for. And if you don’t pee very often in the day, you’re likely dehydrated. You should be peeing a couple of times, thanks to all your water intake.

You’re Tired and Have Brain Fog

Your body, and brain in particular, need water to think clearly and stay alert. If you’re experiencing brain fog or have trouble staying awake in the day, consider drinking some water and see if you wake up. Of course, lethargy can be due to several things, but water can be an easy fix! This is where coffee can be your best friend and worst enemy. Sure, coffee is just water filtered through some ground beans, but as a natural diuretic it can cause you to urinate and number two more frequently, which can sap your body of hydration. It’s always good to break up a cup of coffee with a cup of water to ensure you’re properly hydrating.

You’re Puffy

If you have inflammation and feel bloated, drink some water to flush out those toxins and help get rid of the water retention. Water retention happens because your body is holding onto water, since it’s low in stores. This can then make you feel puffy—try putting a fingerprint on your skin and see if there’s indention for a quick way to check. If it leaves a mark, drink up!