14 reactions to Quest Bars (for babies!)

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Imagine you were a baby.
And we made Quest Bars for babies.


This is you when you’re about to eat your first Quest Bar…



… this is you when you’re eating your first Quest Bar.



… and this? This is you after eating enough to make your afternoon nap the best nap ever.



And on those days when your mom breaks the news that you’ve run out of Quest Bars… you’re not sure if she’s serious or not.



… your parents will (probably) try to pacify your hunger by giving you “other healthy food”. *shudders*



… yeah, like that’d ever work.



Not to mention, those days where your friend thinks its okay to take one of your bars. OH NO YOU DIDN’T.



But your friend decides to take your last bar anyway! You feel a bit helpless initially…



And then the sheer shock of not having any Quest Bars hits you…



But eventually, you come to the happy realization that revenge… will be sweet.



But once you’ve sorted it all out one way or another (perhaps a staring contest might work?)



(or when all else fails, a good ol’ knock on the head)



… either way, you know you’re set on having the best friendship.



Because babies that eat Quest bars together, stick together.