3 Reasons Why Being Grateful Is Great For Your Fitness

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As part of the Quest family, all of us hope to be as focused & dedicated to our respective causes as possible, in the hopes of working hard towards achieving our own goals. While these goals could vary from being related to our fitness to our careers, it is relatively easy to focus on all the things we want to own, create, or experience – the rewards for working hard, so to speak. However, some research has shown that human beings live healthier and happier lives when appreciating what we already have. Here are three reasons why being grateful about what you have is good for you, your fitness, and your overall well-being –

Being grateful makes you more satisfied with your life

Research done at Kent State University has reportedly shown that being satisfied with your life could be as simple as writing letters to your dear ones showing your gratitude. Steve Toepfer, the man behind this research, said that “the more letters people wrote, the less they reported feeling symptoms of depression, and they noted feeling happier and more satisfied with life overall.”


Being grateful is good for your mental health (& your workout routine!)

According to research done at UC Davis back in 2007 – “feelings of gratitude may act as a ‘buffer’ from the challenges that a chronic medical condition can create.”. If you’re the sort that appreciates what you already have and are grateful for the same, you’re also the sort that has a positive attitude towards everything you encounter. The study also states that people who are grateful are also more likely to stick to a workout routine.



Being grateful helps you sleep at night

As unrelated as it might seem on first glance – your sleeping patterns and quality of sleep has shown signs of being related to how grateful you are. On the authority of the researchers at the University of Manchester, this is because people who are grateful generally report more positive feelings and thoughts than those who do not.