4 Ways to Add More Fat to Your Workout Smoothies and Shakes

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If you’re making a workout smoothie, you need to have a good ratio of macronutrients to refuel: complex carbs, muscle-building protein, and good fats. And while it’s easy to add protein powder to get that protein source, as well as fruit for those carbs, you might struggle to get in enough of those heart-healthy fats.

And your body needs them to make that smoothie or shake filling and rich, as well as an aid against inflammation after a strenuous cardio or lifting session. Here are a few ways to add more fat to your smoothies for better recovery after working out.

Add in Nuts or Nut Butter

You can bump up the fats in your drink by adding in almonds or almond butter, as well as any other type of nut or nut butter you prefer. Peanut butter tastes great with protein powder, cocoa nibs, and a banana, for example, while almond butter also will work well with protein powders, greens, and more.

Another great pick is cashew butter, which is becoming more popular and has a nice nutty, smooth flavor. You can chop up the nuts in a high-powered blender or go for the nut butter form. Either way you’ll get unsaturated fats to reduce inflammation and help fill you up.

Add in Seeds

Seeds are wonderful for adding in fat, and if you go for chia, flax or hemp seed, you will also get in tons of fiber to keep satiety high and those munchies away. You can sprinkle in chia, hemp or flaxseed with some protein powder and fresh fruit, like blueberries or kiwi, for example. Or you can also add in pumpkin seeds for a fun pumpkin spice-inspired smoothie for fall.

Add Avocado

Avocado is high in magnesium to improve joint health and muscle recovery, so it’s a great option for a post-workout smoothie ingredient in addition to its high fat content. It’s rich and creamy, so it works well to make the smoothie thicker in texture. Plus it goes well with everything! Add in leafy greens, protein powder as well as nuts and seeds (if desired) and some fruit.

Add MCT Oil or Coconut Oil 

MCT oil gets a lot of buzz for its fat-burning effects, so it’s a staple on the keto diet. It also can improve cognitive function, so it might be a handy additive for a morning smoothie after a workout or for a pick-me-up in the day when concentration is lagging and you need that quick boost. You can add a little to the smoothie or shake for some good fats to fuel your brain and help burn more fat due to a higher metabolic burn—all things that make your day better! For some simple options, you can use the Quest MCT Oil Powder and Coconut Oil Powder for an easy, hardy addition of fats with just a scoop!