5 Things I Learned, with Ron Sudol


You read Ron’s incredible transformation story – but we didn’t want to let him stop there! Here’s what he had to say when we asked him about the five most important things he learned from his wonderful experience –



Never be afraid to change & try new things


You never know what you will find; or what will find you!




Never let frustration ruin your focus


Keep your eyes on the prize and trust the process!




Always be positive


You never know who you will motivate in your travels! We all have the motivation in us, we just need to extract it.




Set small goals for yourself


…and always make sure you aim for new goals once those are reached – never get stale.




Go hard or go home

If you start something, finish it! If you feel that it is getting tough, try it again. If a certain task holds difficulty, it just means that mastering that task will make you a better person. And that is how your focus stays sharp.