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5 Things I Learned, with Ron Sudol

You read Ron’s incredible transformation story – but we didn’t want to let him stop there! Here’s what he had to say when we asked him about the five most important things he learned from his wonderful experience –   Never be afraid to change & try new things   […]

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Image Credit: Greg Westfall (Flickr)

Why Women Should Lift Heavy Weights

  Lately, I have seen people starting to talk about women lifting heavy weights and stating the truth about it not making you bulky and dispelling more myths that we have been force-fed for years. I’m very happy to see this information being put out there, because it’s true.   […]

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A Quest Fulfilled

Hi, my name is Nick Larson and I went on a quest from 22% body fat to 9.3% body fat.  On February 18, 2013, I was around 185 pounds and content with where I was at until I decided to have my body fat looked at. I measured in at […]

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