7 Awesome Recipes To Get You Started With Quest Protein Powder


We challenged some of our favorite YouTubers to use our protein powder to mix, bake and create some of the most scrumptious recipes straight out of our brand-new cookbook! Prepare yourselves for an irresistible deluge of healthy food…

1. Low-carb hi-protein chicken and waffle bites, by FitMenCook

Kevin from FitMenCook did an awesome twist on a Southern classic dish – with less than 2g of carbs and about 7g of protein per bite!

2. Healthy fudge popsicles, by iJustine

Justine made Chocolate Coconut Fudge Pops that pack a whopping – wait for it – 9 GRAMS of protein! Let that sink in for a minute. A dessert. With 9g of protein.

3. Massive meaty lasagna, by Furious Pete

Furious Pete went big (as always!) with our multi-purpose mix – cooking up his own version of our meaty lasagna. Our version packs 49g of protein… his version? 1000g.

4. Healthy pizza, by Jenna Ezarik

Jenna cooked up this beautiful margherita pizza that uses our multi-purpose mix and sea salt chips… how many calories, you ask? 160. How many grams of protein? 26. When’s the last time you ate a pizza with 26g of protein?

5. Healthy cake pops, by Cambria Joy

Cambria made these incredibly, spectacularly, indulgent red velvet cake pops. If there’s a better way to #CookClean, we haven’t heard about it.

6. Peanut butter cup ice cream, by Geovanna Antoinette

Ice cream… with 24g of protein. It has a nice ring to it, but we promise… it tastes even better.

7. Coconut shrimp, by Bart Kwan

Bart whipped up this awesome version of our coconut shrimp recipe for those of you who love your seafood!