Abs are Made In the Kitchen


What is it about a good set of abs that everyone wants? Is it the look of them or simply the fact that in order to have abs requires good training and proper nutrition? Abs define a true lean physique and a clean diet. However you should know that abs require 80% proper nutrition and 20% good training. Ab exercises alone will not get you the abs you want. It requires both a good diet and low body fat percentage in order for abs to show.

Seems simple right?

Then why is it so difficult to get them? The truth is good nutrition requires hard work and dedication. One can not diet well for one month and back off for even a few weeks. It requires consistency. Proper nutrition over a long period of time. Remember that your abs are made in the kitchen! Targeted ab workouts will not get you there. This is why having abs seems so difficult for most people who have full time jobs and school and find it difficult to plan and prepare foods every single day. But to achieve this goal you’ll need consistency and dedication!