Eleven #15SecondRecipes To Celebrate National Chocolate Day

#15SecondRecipe #QuestFun Featured

It’s National Chocolate Day today, and what better way to celebrate this awesome occasion with the best of our chocolate #15secondrecipe videos?

1. Quest Rice Crispy Treats: your favorite all-time classic… with a #CheatClean twist!

2. Quest Cookie Crunch: the perfect way to start your day the healthy and delicious way!

3. Quest Cannoli: our healthy (and tasty) twist on the extremely popular Italian pastry desserts!

4. Quest Chocolate PB Cakes: the perfect #CheatClean snack to satisfy your sweet tooth with plenty of protein and fiber. They’re adorable & easy to make!

5. Quest Thin Mints: a drool-worthy, healthy, #CheatClean option to the classic Girl Scout cookie!

6. Quest Double Chocolate Whoopie Pie: it’s never a bad time for one of these… especially when they’re high on protein and guilt-free!

7. Quest Cookie Dough Bites: scrumptious bites of healthy cookie dough goodness!

8. Cookies & Cream Dream: the ultimate #CheatClean.

9. Quest Chocolate Tacos: Quest bars + Arctic Zero vanilla maple ice cream = bliss.

10. Quest Smores: a healthy twist on the classic campfire treat!

11. Quest Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake: satisfy your chocolate and peanut butter craving with this easy-to-make, #CheatClean cupcake!