Exercise with a Twist: Get Fit Without the Gym



Do you ever find yourself pressed for time or that the weather seems to stop you from making that trip to the gym? Does your job requires you to travel on a regular basis? Perhaps the high cost of a membership simply does not make it feasible to workout in a facility? Or maybe the thought of a crowded room with an average wait time of 10 minutes for the Stairmaster makes you cringe.

Well… look no further. You don’t need fancy equipment to stay fit and healthy! Here are seven ways to get creative with exercise outside of the gym –


1. Use your own body


Squats, lunges, push-ups, triceps dips and planks are perfect examples of exercises that do not require any equipment. These exercises are very functional in nature and can be performed in the privacy and comfort of your home!



2. Take advantage of items at home



Chairs can be utilized for pushups, dips, or even lunges, while objects such as water bottles or soup cans are handy for bicep curls or shoulder exercises. Using a TV show also serves as a great timer – commercials could be an interval of high intensity cardio such as jumping jacks or burpees!



3. Workout videos or the Internet


Typically, fitness videos are on the low end cost-wise and can even be ordered on discounted websites for a good price. The Internet also offers many resources for at-home workouts! Be sure to check if your source is credible, reliable and safe for your fitness level.



4. Get affordable gym equipment


Resistance bands and dumbbells are usually cheap at a local store – invest in a few items and keep them at home or in your car!



5. Take it outside



Your environment is cost-free to use – so why not make full use of what you have? Go to a local school track, trail or even an open field – get your sweat on there!



6. Get active at work




Try to walk around the office for a designated amount of time, or use breaks such as lunch to get moving. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or park further away in the morning. Organizing a “work fitness challenge” is also a good idea to get the motivation and morale going! Set a group goal and prizes for the most improved.



7. Think outside the box


Go out and dance with your partner, play an active game such as tag with your friends or partake in different activities like hula-hoop or jump rope with your family. Making things fun and a game can serve as a distraction for the actual task at hand.

Even if its just 30 minutes of activity, this would be substantial and all that’s necessary to achieve those fitness and health goals. The key is to be flexible, creative and open to going against traditional exercise – remember, there is no “right way” to getting fit!

Article by Sofia Rodriguez. You can find her at:

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