Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail


It never ceases to amaze me how often I see people plan; manage every aspect of their life…..except their nutrition and training program.

Parties, work assignments, vacations, kids activities, etc..are all usually planned to the last detail to assure success.  Unfortunately, most are flying by the seat of their pants in regard to their training..and even worse, their nutrition.In todays busy world, it is very easy to look for fast and convenient when it comes to meals.  The drive through, prepackaged meals, or even skipping a meal completely are often easy answers.  With a little time, and a little effort anyone can have easy access to an array of great tasting, physique enhancing meals.

I will briefly outline my process for meal preparation:


On Saturday morning I purchase all of the foods I will need for the week.


  •    PROTEINS:   Chicken breast, lean beef, Tilapia, eggs, liquid egg whites
  •    CARBS:         Whole oats, brown rice Ezeklel bread, yams, frozen vegetables, salad greens, spinach, other assorted fresh
  •    FATS:              Olive oil, coconut oil, raw almonds, walnuts, and cashews



On Sunday morning, I grill, bake, and/or broil all of my meals.  I also prepare the rice and yams if they will be a part of that weeks meals.  Once cooked, the portions are measured and divided into individual containers with my choice of frozen vegetables.  The number and exact make-up of the meals are based on my current needs.  The meals are then refrigerated or frozen.

A weeks worth of meals are ready to be packed for work and dinner is always just minutes away.


Typical Low Carb Meal:

6oz. Grilled Chicken Breast or 96/4% Ground Beef

2 C. Frozen Stir Fry Vege Mix

1 T. Soy Sauce

1 T. Sesame Oil


Typical Carb Meal:

8oz. Broiled Tilapia w/Mrs. Dash Garlic Herb Seasoning

1 C. Frozen Broccoli

1 C. Brown Rice

Other items I prepare at this time are oats and protein powder, bagged in specific amounts for pre and post workouts and vitamins and supplements divided into daily doses.

One other thing I do is prepare my breakfast the night before.  I eat it at work, so in the morning it is ready to grab and go.

With a little experimentation and practice, you will develop a system that is very time efficient and takes away any decisions or deviations in regards to you daily nutrition.  The only item I do add to this that requires no preparation is the Quest Protein Bar.  The highest quality protein and healthy fats that always has a place in my nutrition plan.

By flollowing these simple steps, you will never have to visit a drive through, suffer through a frozen boxed meal, or skip a meal.