Get Summer Ready

It’s almost here! Beach balls, swimsuits, and suntan lotion! Before you know it,  summer is here and it’ll be time to hit the beach! Here are my top tips for being summer ready with a realistic approach using minimal effort.

#1. STAY THIRSTY: in other words, stay hydrated. Drink at least half your body weight in ounces daily. Water with lemon and all unsweetened teas are great. If you are exercising regularly, you may be thirsty for more. What to avoid? Diet sodas, carbonated waters, sports drinks, and alcohol. Remember the more water you drink – the more you let go of.

#2: EAT HIGH PROTEIN: Aim for 1g per pound of body weight and opt for organic meats whenever possible. A higher protein diet helps build lean muscle on any exercise program. More muscle equals a leaner you!

#3: EAT DARK VEGGIES AND FRUITS: Swap starchy veggies like squash for darker ones like spinach. This helps lower the carbohydrate content and keeps you fuller with less calories. Switch to darker fruits (hint: think berries!), all berries are lower in sugar and carbohydrates, but very high in antioxidants.

#4: CIRCUIT TRAIN: Not only does circuit training help when you are short on time, but it also allows you to weight train at an intensity that keeps your heart rate up, talk about some serious fat burning!

#5: ELIMINATE FOOD SENSITIVITIES: Just because you are not allergic to certain foods doesn’t mean you are not sensitive to them. For example, some people are not allergic to dairy, but they are sensitive to them, hence causing possible bloating. It’s OK to enjoy the foods that you are normally sensitive to, but when you are going to be in a pair of board shorts or bikini you don’t want to appear bloated.

Almost time to put on those bikinis!
Almost time to put on those bikinis!

#6: STAY ACTIVE DAILY: Really enjoy the outdoors! Go for a run, walk your dog, roller blade, hike, or play tennis! Whatever makes you happy to stay active and stay moving do it! There is no wrong way to stay active. The point is to BE active and burn those calories!

Alyssa Lemus ia a health enthusiast, baker, sister, daughter, friend, helper, fighter, strong, independent. I am strongly interested in medicine and can’t wait to study more about it. You can find her blog at