Greatest Obstacle You’ve Overcome


We asked our Facebook fans what the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome was, and what you did. We were absolutely blown away at the stories our fans shared.

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Brittany Galliher The biggest obstacle for me was being pregnant at 595 pounds. I had a perfectly healthy 7 lb baby girl, because I made the decision to change my life for the better. I changed my eating habits greatly, and have lost 135 pounds so far 🙂 To keep on this new path of healthiness, I will be having weight loss surgery next month. Your bars are what are getting me through this whole preop process. I have to have high protein, low carb snacks/meals and since I am always on the go (school, kids) these bars are the perfect pick for my new healthy life.

Rich Junkerman I’m still currently overcoming my obstacle but I have come a long way so far. My biggest challenge was sticking to a diet and getting active again. I’ve lost 260 pounds calorie counting and 50 on the ketogenic diet. In the beginning I stuck to a 1600 restricted calorie diet when was pure hell. Then I found keto and having a blast while losing weight. The ketogenic diet is definitely for me.

Crystal Taibi My biggest obstacle to overcome was my mindset. I was always in the habit of saying I can’t do this or that… or I couldn’t ever look this or that way. Eventually I realized that I myself was limiting myself and my progress and changed to a positive outlook and a new “I can” attitude. Once I changed that, I noticed more progress and it became a lot easier too. Just goes to show how powerful the mind really is!

Kristin Elisabeth Hande I lost 40 lbs and kept it off.. i went from being the insecure girl who thought she always had to be miserable about her body to be the most confident person ever. i wake up every morning excited to eat my pre-workout quest bar. it gets me up at ridiculous hours because i know its all worth it, plus it tastes amazing. i am finally happy with my own body and comfortable in my own skin. im bitter it took me so long to get here, but better late than never.. i am confident i will stay like this forever because quest is making it easy for me! 🙂 thanks so much for being amazing – it means more to me than you know!

David Ashby In December 2009 I weighed 534lbs with 50%+ body fat. As of today, I’m now 251lbs at 23% bf. I did it without surgery, just proper nutrition, cardio and lifting weights 4x a week. I’m proof that you can achieve anything in life if you believe in yourself, and are willing to work hard.

David Elmore Smith I used to weigh over 650 pounds and I lost 421 pounds with diet and exercise. I eat on the go a lot and the bars have helped me stay true to my meal plan. Thank You

Gregory Thomas Jumped a train at age 12, I slipped, left leg cut off below knee, right broken in 5 places with a compound fracture at the hip. I spent 3 mnths in traction. They said I’d never walk again. After 2 mnths of physical therapy I was fitted with a new leg . This was in 1974. I spent 25 yrs as a salesman. I don’t like being told I can’t do something.