How to Avoid the ‘Post Competition Blues’


For those who have competed, or are thinking about it, may have heard of the term ‘Post Competition Blues’. It’s a term used to describe a  feeling you get once you have achieved your ultimate goal, competition! You begin to develop feelings of, “What should I do now?”. Since there is no next set date competition approaching you are unsure of what your next goals is. You may begin to feel lost and the only one in the world feeling this way.

The main reason for the ‘blues’ is because slowly you begin to bring back some weight from depleting yourself of  sodium, water and carbohydrates. This is normal, as is the 5-7lbs gained. This weight gain may scare you, fearing you’ve become fat or have no control. If you allow it to, these changes can take over you emotionally. There is no need for this to occur and here is why and what you should ALWAYS remember:

  1. Most importantly you are NOT the only one who feels this way.
  2. It is unhealthy to stay in competition stage shape/body fat percentage 365 days a year, the  body does not strive at it’s full potential, that is why they call it a ‘competition diet’.
  3. Bringing back complex carbohydrates into the diet helps you to keep building muscle and promotes maximum energy, this is why competitors feel very zombie like.
  4. The body is made of ~75% water, so you must drink more water post competition.
  5. Set new goals! As an athlete new goals are never ending, when one is completed you move on to the next!
  6. If you continue to stick to your lifestyle of clean eating, maintaining your weight will be easy.

It’s always important to confide in someone when you begin to feel this way, a fellow competitor would be perfect to share these thoughts with as for they may even be feeling the same. Always remember what it felt like to step on stage and that you truly did it! No one can ever take away the feeling of accomplishment and for those who are thinking of competing prepare yourself for the pre and post competition and enjoy the process!