How to Stay Motivated


This is a guest post by model and competitor Jodi Tiahrt. You can find Jodi at and

You have been working out and eating right but the thought of going through the same workout and same diet today is something you would rather pass on.  I have to admit that even fitness models and competitors have days where they would rather just stay in bed and pass on the workout.  So how do you stay motivated to keep up all the hard work when it doesn’t seem like the scale is changing?

When I start to lose motivation I use these techniques to jump start my mind and body.  Try some of these tips for keeping you headed in the right direction to achieving your dream body. 

  1. Work out with a partner.  When you work out with a friend or trainer, it creates accountability.  You can push each other and make your workouts more enjoyable so you stay on track.
  2. Change your workout routine.  Instead of doing the same weight routine, change it up and do circuit training or try a spinning class, pilates or yoga.  Many times you will hit a plateau because your body has gotten used to doing the same weight or cardio routine.  In order to lose that last bit of weight you need to shock your body and try a new workout routine or cardio.
  3. Add variety to your diet.  This simply means changing up your clean eat foods.  Instead of eating chicken or fish, switch to lean ground turkey or egg whites.  You can also switch your complex carbs and fats as well.  Variety is the spice of life and keeps you motivated to enjoy your clean eat foods.
  4. Set small goals.  By setting small goals every week, it will keep you motivated to stay on track.  When your goals are too big, you start to lose interest because they might not be attainable goals at this time.  Reward yourself when you achieve small goals.
  5. Find a picture of your dream body and post it on the fridge. Seeing what you want to achieve is lasting motivation.
  6. Create a new play list on your ipod.  Pick your favorite upbeat songs and take your cardio outdoors today.
  7. Reward yourself with non food items.  Instead of using food as a reward, buy yourself a new workout outfit, tennis shoes, get a pedicure or a massage.

Don’t give up when you hit a plateau.  Just revamp your workout program and diet.  Be patient and give your dreams all you’ve got and you will be amazed in the end and how amazing your new body feels.