Meet the Bourdons: A CrossFitting Family

CrossFit Family


CrossFit Family
The Bourdon family is looking forward to the 2013 season.

The family is one of nature’s masterpieces, especially one that CrossFits together. The Bourdon Family is from Cartersville, a small Northern Georgia town, about an hour from Atlanta.  They’re all members of CrossFit Adrenaline, where Lindsay Bourdon is part-owner.  All five Bourdon’s compete competitively in CrossFit. Here is their story.

About two years ago, Lindsay was introduced to CrossFit by her soon to be brother and sister in-law, Jessica and Matt Menerey, members and part owners of CrossFit Refuge in Canton, GA.  They convinced Lindsay, who had a background in gymnastics, that CrossFit would be something she would excel at. Lindsay started doing workouts at a local gym with her mom, Vicki. She had heard of a CrossFit box opening in Cartersville and decided to check it out. A couple months later, she was part owner of the box, Level 1 certified, and a full-time Coach.

Sisters Lindsay and Allie Bourdon at the CrossFit Games.

Lindsay got her entire family into it. Her father, Tom, will compete in the Masters Men age group of 55-59 this year, his best finish was Open workout 12.1 where he placed 3rd in the World in his division.  With the help of Lindsay’s coaching on his lifts and a move up in divisions, he hopes to improve his spot this year.  Tom recently took 2nd place in his age group at the Garage Games One competition. Vicki will be competing in the Masters Women age group 50-54.  This will be Vicki’s first CrossFit Open as she was recuperating from shoulder surgery during last years Open. She hopes to represent Masters women everywhere and show others that it can be done no matter the age. Vicki also competed at GG1 and got 2nd place in her division. Tom and Vicki have 3 daughters, including Lindsay, and one grandson.

The oldest of the three sisters is Shawna, who has a background in swimming and running, and is a pretty tough competitor. She loves CrossFit and loves to compete. Through CrossFit, she found the competitive side of herself again. Shawna is a mother to a very special little boy, Ethan (10 yrs).  Ethan was diagnosed with MECP2 Duplication Syndrome and is the primary reason the Bourdon’s fight like they do.  Raising awareness for the young children with this syndrome is the goal for the Games season of 2013, just like it was for the 2012 season, and just like it is everyday.  Ethan is the kid that always brings a smile to your face.  He loves every living thing and is the happiest little boy.  Ethan is non-verbal, but he still gets his point across. He loves to go to the box – it’s his favorite place. He loves to row.

Lindsay and her four-person team took home a first place finish on the second day of the Garage Games One.

The youngest of the three is Allie (23 yrs), she and Lindsay were on the CrossFit Adrenaline team that made it to the 2012 CrossFit Games. Allie is a former collegiate soccer player. Lindsay and Allie train together as much as possible along with their teammates, Chelsea Lowery, Austin Medford, Stacey Adams, and TJ Menerey.  Each member of the team brings something different to the table. They hope to make it back to West Palm Beach, FL this year for South East Regionals, and have high hopes to go back to the 2013 CrossFit Games in California.

Lindsay just finished her first Individual CrossFit competition at Garage Games One and took home first place. She came back the next day with her four person team (2 guy/2 girl) and took home another first place finish.  She is an amazing athlete and a lot of fun to watch in action.  Her sister, Allie says, “Working out with Linds is like working out with the Energizer Bunny, she just keeps going. But that makes me better, so I guess she can keep going.”  The Bourdon family is looking forward to the 2013 season.