Motivate and Inspire Those Around You


Motivate and Inspire Those Around You

This month’s theme on The Bloq is ripped straight from the Quest Belief System. #24 to be exact: “Motivate and Inspire Those Around You.” I can’t think of a more fitting theme for the month of May. During this time of year, the winter months are in the rearview mirror while snow boots and cold-weather wear are replaced with backyard barbecues, t-shirts and shorts. It’s as if the Earth is motivating us to get off our butts and take advantage of the splendor of life.

This is the issue where you’ll dive into the origin story of Quest Gaming, which is getting quite a bit of buzz these days. But at the core of the story is the man behind the game and how he went from a “noob” to sponsoring one of the world’s premiere eSports teams, Team Liquid. On a personal note, I had the most fun with this month’s chapter of Future Tense – if you haven’t been keeping up, I highly suggest you read chapter 1 and chapter 2, because while the first two chapters lit the fuse, chapter three explodes. We’re also showcasing the first winner of our user-submitted Blackout Poem, Sam Ellas, who transformed last month’s “Virtually A Kid Again” into a moving piece of prose – so remember, if you want your work featured next month, submit a blackout poem from any of May’s magazine articles.

For a transformation of the body, we’re featuring Quest Squad member and beacon of positive reinforcement, Colin Strong on his incredible journey through nutrition, body image and paying it forward.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Kesha’s stylist, Shelby Scudder to pick her brain on inspiring through fashion, finding inspiration in unlikely places and forging your own path to success. Our employee spotlight switches gears from the artistic side to the business side as we get to know Thomas Papilion and how he tackles his 12 state territory on a daily basis. And as always, we bring you the latest good news from around the world to motivate and inspire smiles and all-round good feelings.

The Bloq is your hangout destination, so if you have story ideas or suggestions on how we can improve, let us know in the comments section below. Until next month, happy reading!