New York Pro Recap

Here I am, fresh off the New York Pro. I definitely came in the way I wanted to, which was much fuller with a little more of an aggressive look. This was tough because I needed to make adjustments and improvements in as little as 3 weeks coming from my 5th place finish at the Orlando Europa. The critique was for me to add size.This is not a problem for me because I have good genetics and fight to stay at a smaller tighter physique. I used to weigh 190-205 before getting into physique where I am 165-175 on stage and 180-185 in the offseason. I have what it takes and I also have time on my side, for I am one of the youngest athletes on the circuit. Fitness is about setting goals and achieving them which all comes in time. PATIENCE is a virtue! I am constantly setting goals in my fitness life and it carries over into my business and regular persona. It all makes me a stronger and more successful person.I lightened up the intensity on my cardio and followed a bodybuilding routine on the border of strength and it clearly helped my look. I also took a different route to loading. I completely depleted for 3 days which was pretty much talapia and asparagus every 2.5 hours Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I also made sure I loaded with about 100 more carbs the Thursday and Friday before the show. I made this change because I realized I was previously spilling over days later after shows which told me I could load more going into one especially being even more depleted.

It takes time to even learn your body. Ive been experimenting with different methods to load into shoots and shows. I have been doing this for about 3-4 years strong now! It is imperative to know how your body will react to certain things. Knowledge is POWER! Unfortunately I didnt place as well as I wanted to, coming in 8th, but I felt I brought my best and followed out a plan that I created that got me to my desired goal. I learned something and successfully completed a mini science experiment on myself. Hey there not much you can do in 2-3 weeks but I did it!

You can check out the progress I’ve made since Nationals from my last competition in the NPC in November 2011 to Sacramento in March 2012 to the Europa in April landing at the NY Pro. (See video below) Anything is possible with a good plan, hard work, and support from the people who matter the most!