Portion Control Made Easy


When you sit down to have a meal, portion control is key. Portion control is important for weight management, loss, and controlling your calorie intake. Having portion control is not over eating or under eating, you eat until you are satisfied. In the end portion control results in a healthier and more balanced way of eating.

We are all busy people with things like school, work, family, friends, significant others and on top of trying to stay in shape and get to the gym. With that said it’s not everyday you will have the time to use measuring cups, pack and prepare food so I wanted to give you some good tips on how to portion control without the scale.

  • Deck of cards= 3-4oz. of chicken
  • A fist size= 1 serving of pasta, rice, cereal, beans
  • Hockey puck= 1 small bagel
  • Tip of your thumb= 1 tablespoon of salad dressing and oils
  • Cupped hand= 1oz. nuts
  • Computer mouse= 1 small potato
  • Baseball= 1 piece of fruit
  • Coffee mug= 1 cup milk, almond, milk, yogurt

Other good tips are to use a smaller cup and plate. This helps to portion out how much food you serve yourself. Then when you serve yourself, sit down to eat and finish your meal you will most likely not get up for seconds. Portion control takes practice, but next time you want to go for seconds ask yourself this, “Am I still hungry or do I feel just right?”