Prototype Monday: All Natural Coconut Cashew Quest Bar


We are pleased to announce our third All Natural Quest Bar – Coconut Cashew!

Our All Natural line is now fully available! Click here to order now!


With flakes of real coconut and chunks of cashew, we think you are going to love this amazing new bar!

Read on for ingredients and nutritional information.


As requested by some of our fans, this new line of bars uses only natural sweeteners – stevia and erythritol to be precise. We conducted a ton of research and found that erythritol, while technically a sugar alcohol, is very different than all the others. It is a 100% natural sweetener that is found in nature (commonly in fruit) and has lots of fantastic properties.

Erythritol is the only sugar alcohol that doesn’t cause stomach upset and contains almost zero calories. Unlike other sugar alcohols which sometimes have MORE calories than regular carbohydrates, erythritol only has .2 calories per gram (carbs have 4 calories per gram). It does not affect blood sugar and is absorbed by the body.

Everything else is the same about the bars except that we’ll be introducing 5 fantastic new flavors to the lineup which means you’ll soon have 11 total flavors to choose from. We are thrilled to be able to release these to our fans today as an exclusive prototype and we know you are going to love them as much as we do!


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