Quest Bacon Stuffed Cinnamon Roll


Who knew that bacon and cinnamon would be a match made in heaven? Impress everyone at the breakfast table with this simple #CheatClean recipe by Danny Quach.



1. Throw bacon into a pan and let it get all sexy and sizzle (you want it super crispy).

2. Take a Cinnamon Roll Quest Bar and cut it length wise into two log.

3. Roll them out (microwave for 5-10 secs if needed) and flatten them out.

4. Place bacon on one of the flattened out Cinnamon Roll then placed the other one on top, completely incasing the salty treat and forming into a new, savory, delectable treat.

5. I baked mine for 4ish minutes at 425 then let it cool for 5 before I jumped in…but if you don’t, I don’t blame you one bit! 

Macros per roll (makes two rolls): 99 calories, 11g protein, 0.75g active carbs, 0.5g sugar, 4g fat, 8.5g fiber

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