QUESTions With Ashley Horner

QUESTions With

Ashley Horner is a WBFF PRO, a Health & Fitness Expert and an Internationally Published Fitness Model.

What nutritional information have you learned that most people don’t know?

Most people get confused when we talk about good fats and bad fats.  A large percentage of society sees a few grams of fat labeled and they think it is going to make them ‘fat’.  Our generation needs to begin to pay more attention to sugar content and not fat.  There are some excellent sources of fats that actually help burn fat in your body and contain high levels of OMEGA 3’s Like Salmon, raw almonds, and avocado to name a few. Just because that bag of gummy bears says fat free does not make it good for your. Its loaded with sugar.


What training information have you learned that most people don’t know?

People ALWAYS expect results overnight. Patience, dedication and persistence will get you to your goals.  Everyone gives up too soon or sets too difficult of goals for themselves, they don’t reach them soon enough and then they throw the towel in and go back to their old lifestyle.


What are the three things you see people doing in the gym that bother you most?

1. Setting and resting for longer than 2 minutes, IRRITATES the hell outa me! MOVE people I need that bench.

2. Talking like its social hour, they stand around and talk about how the Pittsburg Steelers crushed the Ravens and if Ben Roethlisberger is going to play in the next game. Or even worse, they try to talk to me about this stuff.  Save that for pizza night and twister at your neighbors house.  Not the gym.

3. Not racking their weights. Sure I am a strong girl and I can rack any weight you get out even if that requires me to roll it across the floor, but come on people. I don’t want to spend MY gym time unracking your weights. Put em up.


What are your three biggest nutrition pet peeves?

1. Yo Yo dieters, people who are on again off again. Figure out how to fit this healthy lifestyle of simple clean eating into your everyday life.

2. Companies who try to lead the consumer astray by labeling or marketing foods as ‘healthy’ when they really are not.

3. People who don’t eat breakfast because they are ‘trying to cut back’ then they eat a missive dinner! HELLOOO that makes no sense at all.


What is a quote that you live by?

The person standing on top of the mountain didn’t just land there. You have to climb your way up.


Who is your inspiration?

I love seeing and hearing about major companies who have built themselves from nothing into greatness. Every successful company or successful person had to take that one brave step. They had to believe in themselves.  Those stories are pretty inspiring.


Who or what got you started?

My mom sparked my interest in fitness but I probably have to give credit to my friend (still my best friend today) Sarah Hoey, we met when we were pregnant together and trained together for the first time to compete in our figure competition after our babies were born.


What is one piece of advice you give to new lifters?

Get a buddy, a lifting partner. Finding a friend that may know a little about the gym to begin your program together.


What is one piece of advice you give to seasoned lifters?

Always change it up. Being a seasoned lifter it easy to get comfortable with our current workout style.  Keep incorporating new ideas.

What’s your goal for the rest of the year? 

Well, I recently just landed my Pro card with WBFF! That was pretty awesome.  I am finishing the year totally relaxing. I will begin my prep for the WBFF worlds in August 2013 the show will be in Vegas. Everyone should come check it out.  Its going to be a great show with some friendly competition  getting the title of WORLD and walking on stage with all the amazing WBFF Pros.


What body part do you struggle with the most, and what have you done to overcome the problem?

I have thicker legs defined but just soccer player legs, I have to concentrate on leaning them out but not loosing my booty so I alternate my heavy/light leg training days working them 2x a week.


What does your typical diet consist of?

I pretty much follow the Paleo guidelines, 90% of the time.  No grains & No dairy its very clean. I eat a lot of Salmon, Avocado sweet potato nuts and veggies and fruits and of course eggs chicken breats and other lean proteins.

But I have to say that being such a ‘clean’ eater the Quest Bar is the only bar that I will eat  because of the very few ingredients you guys put into your bars.  Quest bars are by far the best on the market. I always recommend them to my clients, if they are not able to make their own at home protein bars. I have to say that my FAVORITE quest product so for is the peanut butter cups.  They numbers are excellent and the taste is out of this world!!  I gotta get me more of those.


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