QUESTions With Kathleen Tesori

QUESTions With
What nutritional information have you learned that most people don’t know?
80% of how people look and feel will come from the food and drink they intake each day.  Timing and combinations of food and drink make a big difference as well.  Only 20% of how people look and feel will come from the time spent in the gym.
So many people get frustrated and give-up because they have been going to the gym doing endless amounts of cardio, an aerobic class here and there a little bit of weight and are not seeing the results.  A relationship with food and drinks needs to be established.  Living healthy fit is a nonstop continuous lifestyle worked on till we pass away.  Finding a healthy balance is needed to make things work… not trying new diets all the time or giving up and restarting every year.
What training information have you learned that most people don’t know?
Good form is so important and I believe good form is more important than lifting heavy weight with poor form.
What are the three things you see people doing in the gym that bother you most?
These things do not bother me but these are things I wish I could talk to everyone about:
1.       Poor Form… yes they are lifting a large amount of weight which is great but their form is not good.
2.       Way too much rest time in between sets.
3.       Seeing ladies for month’s even years at the gym pretty much only doing cardio and noticing their Physique not changing.  I hear them talk when I am on a nearby machine and listening to their struggles and frustrations makes me want to point everyone in the right direction.
What are your three biggest nutrition pet peeves?
Pet Peeves… I really don’t have any nutrition pet peeves but one thing I wish everyone knew is what a protein, carbohydrate and healthy fat is and which foods fall into which category.  This would help so many people.  Here is a shopping list/food category I like to refer people to – it is not perfect but a great start.
Who is your inspiration?
My mom – she has a chronic progressive neuromuscular disease with no known cure.  If you were to spend one weekend with her you would see why I am inspired by her.  She is fun, crazy (she has a nickname of Panty Annie) and is so determined.  Even with all the pain and side effects from the medication and disease she never complains, always has a smile on her face and pushes herself to do and keep up with everyone around her (sometimes she pushes herself too hard which drives my dad crazy)
My dad –a Jack of All Trades, has retired from two jobs and now donates his time as a fireman!  He is there for everyone and anyone when they are in times of need.  He is content being at home with my mom caring for her day in and day out and he tells me all the time how happy he is to care for her.
Mother Teresa – she placed herself completely at the service of others her whole life.
Who or what got you started?
My friends heard about a Miss Hawaiian Tropic contest being advertised on the radio and called to see if I was going to compete because I had the most likely personality to get on stage and the cool prizes “we” could win. They convinced me I should try.  I had done a few aerobic classes in college, but other than those few activities I did not work out or have a clean diet. I had six days before the first competition and I put the pedal to the medal.  I made dramatic changes to my diet and went on a work-out frenzy!  I was shocked how much change I made in one week.  One of my friends stopped by my apartment to help me select my contest wardrobe and was amazed by my transformation.  I ended up winning and in the end, I walked away with the Utah title and traveled to Hawaii for the national competition in Hawaii.
What is one piece of advice you give to new lifters?
CHECK OUT THIS LINK and “Pick a Physique” or a few “Physiques” watch the videos check out the links, make a plan… and try things out.
The search feature on the right hand side of the home screen is a great tool for any question.  Magazines make a great tool to take with you and you can switch it out every month.  Magazines are good for new workouts, recipes, ideas to look up and knowledge.
What is one piece of advice you give to seasoned lifters?
Mmmmm…. This is a hard one.  There are so many seasoned lifters who KNOW WAY more than me. The advice that first comes to mind is to remember to keep a healthy balance – sleep, supplements, nutrition and workouts.  Sometimes it is easy for us to focus and be really efficient in a few areas but we tend to lose focus in others.  To keep your body healthy inside and out it is important to keep all areas balanced.
What’s your goal for the rest of the year? 
My goals for the rest of 2012:
1.       Think about things I want to do during 2013 and think about the things I want to improve/change for 2013
2.       Get organized at home, work and anywhere else needing organization for the NEW Year!!!
3.       Keep making the most of each week and focus on having fun during the holiday season without overindulging.
What body part do you struggle with the most, and what have you done to overcome the problem?
My gluts and back of legs… Bottom line for me is CLEAN up the DIET make sure my workouts and cardio are on point.  Anytime I am not happy with an area of my body I can usually pin point it to something I am NOT doing or NOT doing enough of… and once I make changes I can see IMMEDIATE changes in my body.
What does your typical diet consist of?
Gaining and Cutting diet I use for shows and shoots:
Diet I use daily when I am just maintaining:
Breakfast: 2 whole eggs(Omega) and 4 egg whites
¼ oatmeal
½ piece of fruit
4 oz of Greek Yogurt
Sprinkle of Walnuts
½ piece of fruit
Meal 2: 1 scoop whey protein and 1 tbsp peanut butter or ¼ cup nuts
Meal 3: open faced sandwich or 5 oz of meat
½ cup of Quinoa or 4oz of sweet potato
1 cup of green veggies
Have a rice cake with peanut butter with cinnamon and sugar for dessert
Meal 4: same as Meal 2
4oz chicken or fish other half of fruit
Meal 5: 4 oz salmon or steak or white fish, medium salad, 1 tbsp olive oil
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