S’MORES Quest Nutrition Protein Bar – Nutritional Information

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Team Quest,

Today is a very important day in Quest history. We are obsessed with being on the cutting edge of nutritional science. To that end, we are always improving our products. For 2 1/2 years we have been working to make Quest Bars better in two important areas; aging and international consistency.

You may have had a Quest Bar that, during transportation, was exposed to high temperatures. Some called these harder bars ‘toasted’. We called them imperfect and knew we could improve. The second area we focused on was having to use different ingredients for different countries. Every country has their own regulations on how and when an ingredient can be used. For instance Lo Han Guo, a plant-based sweetener, isn’t allowed in Europe. We wanted a consistent Quest experience, no matter where you live, whenever possible.

Today, we release S’Mores, with our best taste experience ever. You’ll notice that the ingredient list is very similar to all of our other bars, but the subtle changes that we’ve made have had a big impact both on taste and on aging. We hope you enjoy our newest flavor as much as we do. We are thrilled to finally be releasing the latest evolution in protein bars to the world.

Enjoy the all new S’Morse bar with 180 calories, 20g of protein, and just 4g net carbs!

#CheatClean and GET YOUR S’MORES HERE!

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Smores Quest Protein Bar Nutritionals