Sugary Soda + You = Fat

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Breaking News: Chugging sugar makes you fat

They’ve just released a new study once again showing the link between sugary sodas and obesity. Please, contain your shock and surprise, beloved reader.

It hurts me to have to write this post… It really does. But somehow, someway, people are still drinking calories – and more frighteningly – sugar. This is crazy to me. If diet soda didn’t exist, OK, perhaps I could wrap my fragile mind around the fact that people suck down hundreds of empty calories in the form of good ol’ soda pop. But they DO exist. So if you’re fiending for a sweet fix (and trust me, I’m with you there), all you have to do is crack open a nice and refreshing diet beverage.

I’m not even going to get into the fact that these beverages contain oft maligned artificial sweeteners, because choosing drinking aspartame and its ilk versus chugging sugar is like choosing between getting slapped in the face or shot in the face. They both suck, perhaps, but the hand not quite so much as the bullet. Read Ron Kane’s wonderful treatise on the subject for further detail.

The Secret to Dying Young

There are all types of personalities in this world. There are those that are willing to step on the necks of others in a quest for success. There are those that step on necks just for fun. And there are those that get almost as much joy out of seeing the people they care about succeed as they get out of succeeding themselves. From an evolutionary standpoint, the group that I find the most confusing is the latter. I mean, I get why natural selection would reward the badass who will stop at nothing to succeed. That’s how you get a head.

But hoping for the success of others? Sure, it’s really sweet and all, but it doesn’t move you up the social ladder and it certainly doesn’t better position you in the battle for scare resources. Despite my confusion over the very existence of this group of people, however, it is the group that I find myself in.

So consider this post a plea to all of the people that I know and love that continue to drink sugary sodas, and sadly, pay the price for it. Take a peek at the study and take heed of the fact that you are literally shortening your life by drinking sugary sodas. And if you just can’t cut out the sugar, at least eat a piece of cake. It’s more filling. I could bury a friend 20 years early if I knew he lived the life of a French pastry chef. But to drop him in a pine box over some soda? Really?

Hey, Mr. SweetTooth

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