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The Two Keys To Staying Healthy in College

In every aspect of life, maintaining a balance and doing things in moderation are what lead to long-term success and happiness. Although it may not always seem like it, staying healthy while in college is very possible. With the right steps and by forming good habits, it eventually stops becoming […]

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5 Reasons Why Yoga Is The Best Thing Ever

Most of us humans have heard of or experienced Yoga in some shape or form. You may already be a seasoned yogi who has mastered the Downward Dog or claimed your spiritual gangster creds.  For others, perhaps this is where the lingering curiosity or even the fear of trying yoga […]

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Quest Nutrition Protein Blueberry Scones

Make any time of day special with these amazing #CheatClean scones! This week’s Fan Recipe from @fitsussie packs 10g protein per serving to make this a healthy dream come true! Ingredients: ½ cup of almond flour Scoop of Quest Vanilla Milkshake Protein Powder 2 tbsp of stevia ½ tsp of […]

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Cheat Meals: Yay or Nay?

Imagine a big greasy cheeseburger, salty hot fries, and a sweet cold strawberry milkshake to wash it all down sitting right in front of you. Run away as fast as you can? Unhealthy, bad for you, heart-disease causing are thoughts that come to mind?     Sure, after repetitive intake […]

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