The Best Things to Eat the Day of Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a day of showing gratitude with loved ones and feasting…a lot. In fact, the average American consumes about 4,500 calories on the Thanksgiving dinner alone. Yikes. So, what you eat the day of Thanksgiving matters, of course.

And even if this year is a bit different (quarantine Thanksgiving or smaller gatherings), you’re bound to still have your favorite comforting dishes and want to indulge to still partake in the festivities. To make the most of your big feast, here’s what to eat before sitting down to the table. And a tip? Don’t fast—you will end up starving by the time you’re set to eat and will likely overeat later on!

High-Protein Breakfast

Make sure to wake up and eat a high-protein breakfast, like eggs with avocado, turkey sausage or smoked salmon, for example. Having protein early on will keep cravings and hunger at bay, since protein fills you up for longer.

Eggs in particular are great, as they have choline in the yolk to get your brain thinking fast—and that means you’ll be more likely to think rationally and make better food decisions when it comes time to feast.

Foods With High Water Content

Foods that are comprised of water, like fresh fruit and veggies, will keep you hydrated. If you’re hydrated, you are less likely to feel hungry (water can suppress appetite — many times your hunger response is actually a thirsty response), and you will also think more clearly, too. Having that water in your belly could help manage your hunger throughout the day and keep you from getting bloated.

And in addition to food, drink plenty of water too! If you don’t like plain water you can add herbs, fruit or other flavors to it, or you can go with a naturally flavored one from the store. You can even try unsweetened tea—anything free of sugar and hydrating will do the trick!

Protein Bar

A quick snack a few hours before the big meal can help you get to the table less hungry. And a protein bar is the perfect example, as it has a good amount of protein to fill you up for longer and can be eaten on the go. So, if you’re rushing back from doing errands or are rushed at home, you can quickly eat it in between whatever tasks you have at hand.

Just make sure to choose a bar that is low in sugar and high in protein and fiber so you can keep blood sugar balanced and get the most nutritional bang for your buck. Obviously, Quest Protein Bars are the best for this 😉  You can even unwrap them and pop them in the microwave for 15 seconds and trick yourself into thinking you’re having dessert before the big meal. When really you’re just getting the same protein and fiber without all the sugar.