The Best Types of Workouts to Try if You’re a Beginner

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If you are new to working out, you might want to start slow with those workouts or choose types of classes and fitness programs that are easier for beginners to pick up on and stick with. For instance, you might not know the specific terminology for moves or the structure of classes and you might not have the stamina, endurance and motivation to stick with something if you’re feeling insecure or lost.

Plus, you are likely going to need to dial back the intensity, so you can progress to the harder workouts and push yourself further as you gain more experience. This not only makes it easier to stay committed but also lowers risk of injury from overuse of muscles—which can cause you to quit altogether or delay your program until you’re healed.

And with any new program, focus on eating enough protein after working out (try protein shakes or go with a protein bar), as well as protein rich snacks, like protein chips or snack bars, too. But most importantly, remember to stretch before and after a workout, especially if you’re just starting out.

Here are the best types of workouts to try if you’re starting your fitness journey and are not sure which types of styles to look for.


Unless you have bad knees (where running might cause excess strain on your joints), running can be a good workout to try as a newbie since you can do it anywhere, anytime. That means you don’t need to pay for a pricy gym membership or online class subscription, and you can do it on your own time, at your own pace, in your own company without other exterior pressures.

One added benefit is that runner’s high is a great feeling. It might make you fall in love with running, and it’s also going to give you tangible results (lean muscles, more endurance, and can help burn fat), which can make you fall in love with the fitness style even more. Plus, it’s easy to stay committed with running when you create goals, like set distances, times for sprinting or a sustained moderate cardio approach.


Trying barre can be a good low intensity style that can help you sculpt up and define muscles, and once you master that, you can add in more cardio through other workouts or by use of certain moves. You can also bring in beginner weights (2 pounds or 5 pounds) to do the moves—these lighter weights can then help pave the way for heavier weights for HIIT and strength training later on.

Strength Training

You can still do strength training early on for your fitness goals, but go with lighter weights and ask a trainer for advice first. You do not want to go too heavy and then injure yourself—that will backfire. So, go slow and learn the basics. This builds muscle and protects your bones so you can perform better in all areas of fitness.


Grabbing a bike and cycling outdoors or going to a spin class (even taking one online or grabbing a Peloton bike and using the app) can be a great way to ease into cardio and working out. You will work your butt, legs and heart and cut down on fat fast. Plus, it builds endurance so you won’t fatigue quickly. From there you can add in challenges, like using weights with the cycling, adding in resistance and doing hills and sprints, with maximum effort.


Want to shed pounds fast and get some amazing cardio without all the pressure on your joints? Boxing is key. This doesn’t put strain on knees, and you are getting out rage and aggression on that bag when in an online or in-person class. No bag? Do shadow boxing, which still increases heart rate and can alleviate pressure from the bag and an opponent. Plus, you can freestyle and let yourself feel strong and empowered!