The Gina Aliotti Workout


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Now that my competing days are behind me and have been for a while, I have really changed up my training to higher intensity circuit training. I love the variety I have added back into my program and have found not only great results but the change has kept me motivated and enjoying each and every one of my workouts. With limited amount of time, my approach has been “get in and get out”, “quality over quantity”, and “incorporating ALL aspects of fitness”, to reach my lifestyle fitness goals. There is something to be said about spending less time going through the motions and more time making each rep, set and exercise count, getting in and getting out. With this higher intensity, well rounded approach, every day is changing, which has kept me excited and motivated for each of my workouts but also keeps my body responding, complete win-win.  Here is example of a typical week’s workouts: (keep in mind every day and week is changing in intensity, variation, exercises, activity, keeping NO day the same as another. Some days are higher intensity circuit style where other days are still focusing on isolated exercises and shaping. I still keep my glutes and shoulders in the forefront of my mind while training slow and steady.


Note: Because I have built such a solid foundation and put in years of consistency in the gym and in the kitchen, I feel fortunate to be able to “play” around with my fitness without the worry of losing hard earned muscle or shape.There is something to be said about, day in and day out consistency and hard work! Once you have put in the time, work and energy, it is then time to play!


DAY 1:


4x :

1/4 mile run- for time

25 x push-ups,

25  kettle bell swings

25 assisted pull ups

25 sit ups



DAY 2: 

Glute & Shoulder emphasis

5 minute warm up-Jump Rope

3 sets of the following 12-15 reps

Shouler Press


Side Laterals

Front Raises

Step Ups

Cable Kick Backs

Alternating Lunges

25- 30 minutes stepmill- HIT, skipping every other step OR high incline walking on treadmill


Day 3:

100 push ups

run 1 mile

100 assisted pull ups

run 1 mile

100 body weight squats

run 1 mile

100 hyperextensions

run 1 mile




DAY 4:



DAY 5:

5K-10K RUN


DAY 6:


Incorporating sprint work, plyometrics and exercises targeting full body

EX: jump squats, side squats, jogging, sprints, stairs, etc


DAY 7:



It does depend on your goals but keep in mind that variety and change is key to keeping your body responding and your mind fresh, excited and your workouts fun! For more information, tools, tips, videos, workouts, motivation, nutritional information, plans, and MUCH more, please become a member of my Online Fitness Network and allow me to help you reach your fitness goals!