The Shannan Yorton Workout


As some of you know I got a new puppy a week and a half ago, and boy am I busy!!  I haven’t had my normal amount of time to be in the gym so when I do go, I need to make it fast!

This has been my workout over the last 2 weeks; as of now I have been doing it every other day.

The trick is to do it in LESS than 30 minutes:

You MUST cycle through each exercise once before resting; and rest just long enough to catch your breath to continue on to set 2… then set 3, finishing in under 30 minutes.

The more conditioned you are, the faster you’ll be able to complete this. I can finish in about 24 minutes… the goal is to time yourself the first time doing it, see how long it takes you and then try to beat that time each time you do the workout. Aim for 2 times a week or, whenever you lack the time for a typical weight workout. This is also a great cardiovascular builder and good for busy moms!



3 x 15  Squat thrust into a dumbbell press combo

1 x 12  Leg Press, heavy

3 x 15  Neutral Stance squat into a Lateral raise combo

3 x 60  Foot plate drag w/ walk back curling the plate- (take 45 lb. plate & put it on the floor, get in push up position & put tips of toes in plate. Walk on hands dragging plate. Curl it on way back).

3 x 60  Foot plate push down and back- (take 1-2, 45 lb. plate(s) and crouching down, push plates 60 ft. Working legs, glutes mainly).

4 x 10  Pop push ups

1 x 10  Barbell Shoulder Press, heavy

4 x 10  Close grip push ups

4 x 20  Bench dips superset with 8 abdominal pike ups


Each set is either done 1, 3 or 4 times. Once you finish the 1st set of each exercise, anything that has a 1 in front of it is complete. Now you move on the the 2nd set of exercises omiting the ones with a 1 in front.  Once you get through 3 sets take your small rest to recover and you will then see that you have now completed anything with a 3 in front of it, and now have only things with a 4 in front to do.  A 4th set of 10  Pop push ups, a 4th set x 10  Close grip push ups, and a 4th set x 20  Bench dips superset with 8 abdominal pike ups.