Top 10 Summer Fitness Tips


It’s my favorite time of year… Summer!

You have either been working hard to obtain your beach body or you are still working towards fitting into your favorite bikini. Remember that it is never too late to get started on a fitness regimen and start attacking your goals.  Whether it’s Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring, every month is the perfect season to get started.  But, because it is my favorite season of all, I wanted to offer you my top 10 favorite summer tips.

  1. “OWN IT”. Regardless of where you are or how much weight you want to lose, accept yourself and aim for continuous constant improvements.
  2. Combine both proper nutrition with resistance training and cardio for the most effective summer exercise plan. ALL three components will allow you to reach your goals, keeping your metabolism and energy up.
  3. Take it outside. It’s Summer, there’s no better time to take your workouts outside. Enjoy the sun and get out! Go for a run, take your dog for a walk, perform a circuit workout at the park or even in your backyard. Regardless, take your workouts outside and get out of the gym.
  4. Have healthy BBQ’s. Hosting a get-together? Offer healthy options such as lean proteins, fruits, veggies, sweet potato fries, nuts and healthy dips. Attending and get-together? Bring your own protein to put on the grill. You don’t want to be stuck with ribs and hot dogs as your only protein options. Pick your healthy side options. Typically fruit and veggie options are available and are great options. Avoid the fatty dips and potato, pasta or coleslaws loaded with calories and fat. Best bet, eat before you go and bring your own munchies
  5. Watch your drink calories. Going to enjoy a cocktail… Go for clears and not the drinks loaded with sugar such as daiquiris, mud slides or fruit juice flavored drinks.  My favorite is vodka with soda water and a touch of lime or a glass of red wine.
  6.  Travel Smart! Just because you are going on vacation doesn’t mean you have to forgo your exercise routine. Place a few items in your bag such as an exercise band, jump rope and deck of cards. Try my Fitness Deck, absolutely great for travel!
  7. No matter where you are, on vacation or at home enjoying the sun, don’t forget to start your morning with breakfast! Load up on a balanced breakfast of complex carbs, lean proteins and a serving of fat.  A fruit smoothie is a great and refreshing way to start your summer day!
  8. Need a little bit of motivation, why not set a date and train for something. Find an event such as a 5K or ½ marathon or even set up a challenge with your co-workers or friends.
  9. Before leaving for the day, remember to wear sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful rays.
  10. Drink plenty of water! A good rule of thumb is to drink ½ your body weight in ounces. But during the summer when temperatures are warmer than usual and you are more active, aim to drink your body weight in ounces.

Need a little help with your Fitness Goals, Check back next week for Gina’s Bikini Body Summer Fitness Plan!