Transformation Tuesday | Time For A Change

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It all started last year in September of 2013 when I weighed in at 272 lbs.


Every time I got ready for work, my clothes would fit tighter and tighter every single day. It got to the point where at the height of 5’6”, I was wearing a 3XL shirt and size-42 jeans. It was depressing that nothing would fit me and I would always have to buy new clothes. One time I went to a theme park with my cousins and I couldn’t go on one of the rides… because I was too big.

That really hurt. I made a promise from that day that I would lose all the weight and I would be able to go on every ride next time we went back to the theme park. My whole life I have dealt with obesity, and it was time for a change.


In order for me to get in shape and lose the weight, I knew I would have to be strict on myself and be strong mentally. I knew my diet would have to be strict and I would have to stick to it. I changed my whole lifestyle and instead of eating fast food every single day, I decided to cook my own food and ate right.

My workout routine was insane and I trained every single day for about 5 hours a day. Every single day I would do cardio for about 2 hours a night and then I would lift weights. I would train different body parts on different days of the week – for example, on Monday I would do chest/tris/abs, Tuesday was back/bis, Wednesday was shoulders/abs, Thursday was leg day, Friday was tris/bis/abs, Saturday & Sunday were both cardio/abs days. I never took a day off from the gym because I was determined to get fit.


I also always made sure I stuck to my diet – if I didn’t then it would basically be a waste of time to work out. I knew that my diet was important and without it I wouldn’t see any progress. For breakfast I’d always have 2 scoops of protein and some oatmeal with my multi vitamins. Then about 3 hours later, I’d eat a small salad with grilled chicken. Two hours later, I’d eat a protein bar (a Quest Bar of course!). Another three hours later, I’d eat brown rice and grilled chicken. After the gym, I’d always have another scoop of protein, and if that didn’t fill me I would have another Quest Bar. All that being said, the most important thing I do is drink about 2 gallons of water a day.

After working out for a year straight, I’m currently down 100 lbs. I weigh about 171 lbs and I never felt better in my life. Recently I was able to do a 5k mud run and completed it in 38 minutes – I would never have been able to do that about a year ago. I wear a size M shirt now and 32/33 in jeans, which I was never able to fit into ever previously.


During this whole process I had my family, girlfriend and friends that I met in the gym telling me I could do it, and that’s what kept me going. Fitness is my life now and I do not eat from fast food restaurants any more. In 3 years, I would love to do my first fitness show to show people that no matter what, if you work hard, believe in yourself and never give up – anything in life is possible. I’ve developed confidence and willpower, I was able to achieve goals I never thought was possible. I became stronger physically and mentally, but most importantly, I am now healthy.

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