Weight Loss Transformation: Chris Ivey

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My journey on the weight loss train has been quite an adventure, one I would gladly take it all over again. The pride behind dropping all the extra weight was for my wife, Natalie. We met online, playing some videogame together more than five years ago. We chatted and things just got more and more serious over time. Then one day, out of the blue, she was like “I am going to make a change in myself!” At the time, she was already pretty thin, from all the times we video-chatted online. Every day she’d come back online, huffing and puffing from working out or running… meanwhile, I’m sitting there with my 550lb self. I never thought she would start to look even more amazing as quickly as she did.

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Besides my one-day wife, another major stop along weight loss tracks was at my doctor’s office. He my feet and legs getting so red and swollen, he bluntly said: “If you continue on this route, you will be in a wheelchair before you’re 20.” Here I am, 18, and nearly wheelchair-bound. That’s exactly when it hit me: I needed to do something. If for nobody else, then for the one woman who actually showed any interest in me… despite weighing over 500 pounds!

To this day I can remember my very first workout. I walked up and down a single step. Literally just a stepping stool that my mother used to reach things up high. I told myself I could do it for 5 minutes, no problem. But at 500+lbs, I couldn’t even last one minute, let alone five. That first day, I thought about giving up and just hoping she would be okay with me for who I was. Instead I took about a week off, dusted away the ego bruises, and came right back at it again. And this time I made it! I was so happy that I lasted ONE whole minute going up and down a step, haha. People say it a lot, but in my case, it really was about taking things a single step at a time.

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Later on, that one-minute workout became two minutes, then three, four, and so on. It kept gradually rising, until I was like – okay, I can do this. Natalie found me a nice little home workout plan to start with. I was so excited I started that same day. It was probably a half-hour workout for most people, but at my weight, it took nearly two hours! The saddest part of all though, was that the next day I couldn’t even get out of bed. I thought I was dying. I couldn’t move, couldn’t walk, I literally had to crawl out. This was the biggest ego bruise I took. After that, I didn’t work out for probably a whole month.

Eating was my comfort, especially after that disaster of a workout. I binged on everything you can think of, just like my old ways, before I started getting healthy to begin with. I ate a whole pizza, no problem. Chocolate cake – down in a few hours. That Wendy’s triple cheeseburger with ketchup, super-size fries, large chili, and a nice soda to wash it down? No problem! Just like the good ol’ times, haha! I still think back and remember those meals, where I would literally destroy my body by eating them. Makes me quite sad… but I am not that man anymore.

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I snapped out of that depression when video-chatting with my Natalie. She was doing her best to motivate me, knowing all the health risks I would soon face.

“You can do this.” “Push through it, I know it’s gonna hurt, don’t go giving up on me!”

All these words kept racing through my head. That’s when it really started… and I’ve been killing it since then! Workout after workout, I was getting stronger, getting faster! 500lbs-450lbs-400lbs-350lbs-300lbs-250lbs…

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Now here’s where Quest comes in! Pretty much soon as I got back into it, Natalie was telling me about this amazing new food company, one that has literally helped change our lives. She told me about all the flavors, all the amazing nutrition facts and so on. Number one thing I heard – “pretty damn healthy” – and if her 105lb 4’10 self is eating them, I know I can. During this intense workout phase, I would have so many slips and bruises here and there, but soon as Quest Bars were brought into my life, those unhealthy cravings and desires were long gone. The only thing I could wish is for them to be bigger, haha! Eating them I feel so satisfied, no longer craving something else that would set me back, or hurt my progress. This is why I have to give credit where credit is do: Quest has a phenomenal, life-changing product. Much love for you guys at Quest, thank you so much for help saving my life. I can now focus on actually being healthy.

No more eating triple cheese burgers for me!

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Five Tips On Your Quest: 

1 – One Step at a Time – I nearly died trying to make it up those steps the first few times. I used this to influence me on just trying to get use to moving and doing “some type” of exercise.

2 – A Slow, Ongoing Process – This was a huge lifestyle change for me and likely will be for you as well. Stick with it for the long haul! To share one of my favorite inspirational quotes, which means a ton to me on the days that I just couldn’t get out of bed (from being so sore):
“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or even a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. if I quit, however, it will last forever.”  
– Lance Armstrong

3 – Find Your Inspiration – No matter how big or small it is, find and feed off it. Remind yourself everyday your why, and with that, get it done. And speaking of inspiration…

4 – Spotting Together – My is my biggest inspiration on continuing this path. We go to the gym everyday in Peru, come hell or high water, when we are together. She spots me, I spot her. A couple who spots together, stays together – our motto!

5 – Don’t forget to eat! – My weight actually dropped so low that even my doctor said I needed to start eating, haha!


Team Quest – We are here for you! Share your transformations and triumphs with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or email them to us at [email protected]Remember that these transformations took hard work, discipline and a plan. Quest products are a delicious component of, and not a substitute for, an exercise regimen and effective diet. The Quest Community is always there for you if you need help, inspiration or motivation!